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  1. ve3xox

    For Sale Glasair super 2 parts

    I have in my possession The bits and pieces of a Glasair super 2. Full fuselage, landing gear, and interior. Pictures on request. Engine, prop, and electronics have been sold.
  2. ve3xox

    Air speed indicators Questions.

    I am wishing to add a second airspeed indicator in the front seat of my Murphy Renegade. Question is.... Can I just tap into my existing Pitot Tube line? The static port on the first indicator is open under dash, so i should be able to leave the second airspeed indicator static port open also...
  3. ve3xox

    For Sale Corvair engine for your home built.

    Dual ignition with exhaust system. Advertising for a friend. Sitting in his barn, a little dusty but there she sits. 110 horses waiting to fly. Looking for offers...bob
  4. ve3xox

    Hi From Ontario Canada

    Hi Guys and Gals. Bought a murphy renegade 2 and in the process of going over it with a fine tooth comb. I or any of my friends have had nothing to do with 2 stroke engines, so its a learning curve with this rotax 582. bob
  5. ve3xox

    Rotax 582 wet fouling

    Bought a murphy renegade with an inverted 582 in it a few weeks ago. Uses pre-mix fuel and oil. Starting has been a problem. Plugs wet foul and have to be removed and cleaned. Started yesterday first thing and run it for 10 minutes and shut down. Went to restart and plugs fouled again. HAve...