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    Polini Thor 250 DS ? any info / feedback/ opinions?

    anyone have any information, or better yet any experiences with this motor? https://www.badlandaircraft.com/product/polini-thor-250-dual-spark/ I'm kind of thinking of pulling the trigger on that new Merlin Lite that just came out apparently
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    Military surplus in the crate teledyne 84 CI available new 400 bucks

    I know absolutely nothing about this motor. just stumbled across it. figured may be someone here interested - price seems right https://fresno.craigslist.org/avo/d/fresno-military-surplus-airplane-engine/6987204944.html
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    NASCAR Champion takes the final checkered flag in an aerolite103. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/16/sport/former-nascar-driver-mike-stefanik-dies-in-plane-crash/index.html
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    Jabiru 3300 ?

    Ok so here is an update to the information from 2014 above. its done in 2016, of course its from jabiru North America, bit it does shed some light on the "issues". The fact that Jabirus are still flying in Au and elsewhere, with no restictions adds credence to the story they tell! It also...
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    Jabiru 3300 ?

    Thanks BJC, I had seen that discussion. unfortunately, it was all written in a few months in 2014., i guess i was looking for updated information. Any changes?
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    Jabiru 3300 ?

    Anyone have any feedback, good , bad, cautionary about the jabiru 3300?
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    Elsa, SLSA, Importing into USA? Tapping your knowledge

    Ok everyone, I'm veering off topic here, please forgive me, but I think this site is a great collection of knowledge and experience, so maybe someone here can provide info, guidance, insight? So I'm looking into buying a used aeroprakt A-22. They are sold here in the USA by a distributor...
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    Brutality Today

    Hence the link to the reciever hitch engineered for her truck! again - 60 bucks and an hour of work! People here with experience and knowledge try and help her out, and some of you think thats being mean. so I guess trying to keep her safe, and save time and money are mean things to do!
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    Brutality Today

    seriously? is this the way you work on your airplane as well? rigging up all sorts of dodgy fixes, clearly demonstrating a lack of understanding of the physics and forces involved? a new S-10 reciever hitch is 60 bucks...
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    Cost to have 503 checked?

    Dana, Yes it is flying now, and so far the craftmanship appears to be top notch and well documented. Radford, thanks for the advise, I got a pretty good feeling for the costs from Dr. Google. . as for your Pig in a Poke? In checking in advance, i thought i would avoid that, do my...
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    Cost to have 503 checked?

    OK guys, Looking at a plane with a 503 on it. engine has 250 hrs. I figure it would need to be sent in / checked and "rebuilt" by some certified Rotax service center. So the price to do that , is what I am trying to figure into me deciding if it is a good price or not? any one have any...
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    any feedback\: Kolb firestar II, w 503

    been looking at projects to build, kind of gravitating toward the Excalibur. In the meantime a Kolb Firestar II just came up for sale. anyone have experience or feedback plus and minus's? the price seems very reasonable, and i'd have something to fly while i was working on my kit!
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    challenger 2 vrs excalibur?

    don't know if I'm pulling a scab off a wound here, but I'm hoping for opinions / experiences here. so im looking for something fun and relatively safe to just mess around with. If i was smart, i'd probably just buy skypilots RV3 for sale here. But I was starting to gravitate toward the...
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    just posted another video today, some weights, costs as well, and some justification for design choices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb9mUFfjupk Vigilant, thanks for the heads up, I did eventually found that thread after i posted the original video.
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    jusr saw this in Utube. interesting , may be a good option for some here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ICzkgBMJx4
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    wheres BWB? Ampmeter? Cooper? Old timer Homebuilt usergroup

    Yup thats meen on the left in the Hawaiian shirt, tommy cooper on the right, we ran / jogged/ walked out to make sure everyone was OK.
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    2 stroke direct injection engines conversions or ready available ones for aircraft?

    Re: 2 stroke direct injection engines conversions or ready available ones for aircraf Ok guys, I am certainly no engine guru. I'm trying to figure out what this is. its the engine they are powering the Mosquito XE285 with. They call it the Innovative 8000. but no mention of the maker...
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    wheres BWB? Ampmeter? Cooper? Old timer Homebuilt usergroup

    Yeah, that P'ville flyin was quite the deal. I remember someone taping a picture of captain Zoom up in the portapotty just above the urinal. Given the amount of liquid refreshment ingested, old zoomer got quite a shower for a couple of days. I can't rightly remember who it was - Maybe Bob...
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    wheres BWB? Ampmeter? Cooper? Old timer Homebuilt usergroup

    Yeah, but it was fun blowing up Ralphie and Bass and Dennis. You posted something there, you were subject to verification, and once you got shown to be a bit of a liear / blowhard, your azz was handed to you by guys willing and able to do whatever research cwas required to display to the...
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    wheres BWB? Ampmeter? Cooper? Old timer Homebuilt usergroup

    I uderstand that, I stayed at his and Janices home quite alot, used to fly with him all over, had aloty of fun, attended the memorial service, and the desert blasts we had as well to remember him,