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  1. Turner

    Came across some Stan Meyers documentation...

    ...and would like to share it with you. These documents are mostly in english but some in japanese and at least one in spanish. I find the Stan Meyers patent documents most interesting, and in 'The Birth of New Technology' Stan give a overall explanation of how his hydrogen fuel cell work...
  2. Turner

    Could Cold Fusion power a aircraft?

    I have been following the Rossi-Focardi project for some time and while many of the applications of this device are obvious, I can't help but wonder if it would be practical for aviation use. What do you think? Rossi-Focardi device, they call it the energy catalyzer. Hydrogen + Nickel =>...
  3. Turner

    New member from Sweden

    Hello and greetings from Sweden Have not introduced myself yet and it's probably best conduct to do that. :) English is not my first language so my spelling and wording will not be perfectly in line with what I want to say always. I'm past the 30 year hurdle and have been working for about 10...