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  1. Daleandee

    Reducing fuel consumption, PS200 Thermal coating

    I was always taught, "If it sounds too good to be true ... it is!"
  2. Daleandee


    If you have some time, a bit of 6061, and a few flanges you can put one together pretty quick: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/ductflanges.php
  3. Daleandee

    Please enforce for sale/wanted rules

    I don't really have a dog in this hunt but I prefer moderate moderators .... :cool:
  4. Daleandee


    I have flapped wings that don't flap ... BTW, how are you guys coming up with two digit numbers? :popcorn:
  5. Daleandee

    Inexpensive solo cross-country machines?

    The voice of experience? :oops:
  6. Daleandee

    Is Part 103 possible with a full VW?

    My answer comes from the Al Borland collection; "I don't think so Tim." In my limited experience around ultralights for a number of years I've seen a lot of "looks like a duck" aircraft but the walk was a little heavy footed and the quack had a little too much baritone. But as BBerson noted...
  7. Daleandee

    HBA First Annual Home Built Aircraft Meet

    For many years there was a wonderful American Sonex Association gathering at KCSV in Crossville Tennessee (the home of Trade-A-Plane). Not necessarily recommending this particular airport but the location brought many from up & down the east coast, down to Texas, and over from Kansas for the...
  8. Daleandee

    Cockpit Design for Comfort and Safety

    Modern auto design is more about making the passenger compartment a "cage" of sorts with good restraints and air cushions (bags) where impacts will likely be met (forward & sides). The rest of the vehicle is designed to crumple and absorb energy in the process. Certainly insurers know its much...
  9. Daleandee

    Air racing...could it become a bigger sport ?

    That will be called either the BRS race series or the demolition derby class ...
  10. Daleandee

    Your magic numbers ?

    Whatever I have in the "play money" account ...:pilot:
  11. Daleandee

    Exp to E-LSA

    I don't know the answer but I'd guess it is "no" as we are talking about the certification and not the registration of the aircraft. Whatever it was it will be again, even with a new registration. Gross is set at the time of AW certification and even if the airplane could enter phase one and be...
  12. Daleandee

    Exp to E-LSA

    Besides the fact that it has a registered gross at 1500 lbs., there isn't any path forward for making an experimental amateur built aircraft into a ELSA registered aircraft. Years ago there was a window opened to do this for a short time and many planes that we EAB were allowed to be registered...
  13. Daleandee

    Firewall Forward max weight reasoning?

    Trust me when I tell you that John knows ... :fear:
  14. Daleandee

    Challenger 2 flights

    What does the airplane do at idle power in a glide? Could it be that the engine was mounted off set or so that the engine is out of line with the airframe? Could the root tube be damaged from a hard landing or crash? If the nose continues to come up I suspect W&B concerns (see below). Have you...
  15. Daleandee

    Visibility ? See and be seen ?

    I use wig-wags as seen in this short video (see them on landing at 2:30): Here is the how and why of my install:
  16. Daleandee

    Article about General Aviation

    So if the the drones are so small are we still using rockets ... or switching to guns? ** Calm down now ... I'm not serious. **
  17. Daleandee

    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    It appears the builder of the electric Zenos (using a Zero motorcycle conversion) has started a website. Not much there yet though ... and some links are not working correctly. http://flitllc.com/ Maybe parts & service for such a conversion may be available soon.
  18. Daleandee

    Article about General Aviation

    This makes a lot of sense but then the plane pilot ends up with an ADSB 'in" receiver and a screen to display it. If your aircraft is not reporting an ADSB "out" signal then it is my understanding that the targets you see on the ADSB "in" will be limited and the location may not be as accurate...
  19. Daleandee

    Article about General Aviation

    Would hope that this is how it will be done via a system that the drone would see the air traffic and avoid it. But they also need to limit drone activity near any airport. I'm guessing the real commercial players will abide by whatever rules are set up but their are cowboys in every group ...