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  1. oriol

    RIP Chuck Yeager

    My father met the legend by accident. Mr Yeager knew that there were some people from Spain at the gathering and that my father was from Catalonia. He approached him to say how grateful he was about how well he was treated in el Pont de Suert once he crossed the Pyrennees by foot after he was...
  2. oriol

    Still breathing!

    In this part of the world things seem to be going for a bit better, thanks god. On a positive note it is somehow remarkable how people have adapted to the situation and remain calm. From a homebuilt perspective it is good to have time to spend on the drawboard. I hope this situation will serve...
  3. oriol

    Mignet HM.293 winter flying fun!

    Hey that is a flying car! I wonder if it is possible to get in Russia dual instruction on a Mignet aircraft, perhaps the pilots taught themselves how to fly them. I did not thought Mignet aircraft were popular in Russia, or anyplace outside France. Very cool btw, thanks for sharing! Oriol
  4. oriol


    The pterodactyl ultralight used plastic rims like those Highflight mentions but MTB are much more resistant and convenient. The great majority of recumbent trikes use standard MTB wheels and can take the side loads without any problem; think about cargo bicycle speeds. Front kart wheels lack...
  5. oriol


    As lr27 points MTB wheels would look great in something like a Fokker Eindecker but not so quite in many other airplanes, even if you go with 22" wheels which are rare for a MTB size. Anyway, bike spokes were designed for aircraft, back in the day, and even if they are not listed in the Aircraft...
  6. oriol


    Good MTB wheels are superlight, tough and not expensive. They are perfect for a Part 103 aircraft plus you can get them with disc brakes unlike industrial/trolley wheels. You can get metric bolts for most of the existing axle standard sizes, except for the 15mm ones that have to be done with a...
  7. oriol

    Road version of the Flight of the Phoenix

    What an interesting biography that of Mr Neumann! Thanks for sharing it BJC. Oriol
  8. oriol

    Road version of the Flight of the Phoenix

    Hi! Although this is not about an airplane I thought that it was interesting to share this story. It is about a french who broke his car in the desert and transformed it into a motorbike with a handsaw to get back to civilisation. I do not know if it was easier, after breaking the car, to go...
  9. oriol

    AIR ATOS Wing - 3axis from a trike wing

    Id does not fold as well as a hanglider/minitrike but quite close. Oriol
  10. oriol

    Filing weld joints

    It is more or less standard practice in welding to grind the welds that have been filled in excess for aesthetical reasons. That is perhaps the reason why you see in some random places that someone has grinded some of the weldings. If doing welding for furniture and decoration stuff some...
  11. oriol

    Battery powered 103

    My guess is that the FAA might follow the same rationale that goes with electric bicycles which had batteries that are secured and can be easily removed without tools to be charged at home. Most Part 103 aircrafts are not stored in airports but in hangars without electricity. I guess the...
  12. oriol

    The autogyro as flying car (in 4 parts)

    Jstorrshall, Just my view but I do not think that the revolution of flying cars is going to happen thanks particularly to the autogyro config or any other configuration in particular (canard, stol...) but the overall performances/trade offs of both the terrestrial and air capabilities...
  13. oriol

    Homebuilt aircraft in Spain?

    TFF, I think you are exaggerating how difficult it is to register a homebuilt aircraft in Europe, or in Spain in particular. The link you posted does not say a word about homebuilding in Spain. Around 22% of the airplanes registered in Spain are homebuilts, the great majority of them are of...
  14. oriol

    Homebuilt aircraft in Spain?

    Matthew, The process to get the approval by the aviation authorities to develop a homebuilt project (ULM) in Spain is similar to that in France, the only difference is the language. I would say that the process is similar to that in the US, an inspector comes to see the build before it is...
  15. oriol

    Homebuilt aircraft in Spain?

    Hi Matthew! There´s plenty of ULM (mtow 450 kg), skydiving, sailplane, ballooning, paraglider and hanglider activity all over Spain. Theres is an equivalent to the Part 103 but the weight limit is of 75 kgs, otherwise you have to deal with the ULM regs. As for the homebuilder scene there is...
  16. oriol

    BlackFly, a nice KISS idea? :)

    Yes there is a thread with plenty of discussion about this aircraft with mostly very positive comments. Oriol
  17. oriol

    Opener BlackFly

    It is clear that this aircraft is the result of very hard work and the team behind it deserve all the recognition for it. However the point is what makes this aircraft better than a for example Part 103 helico, Gyro or trike converted into electric. It seems like the GoFly contest in which...
  18. oriol

    Turnigy RotoMax 150cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor

    Hi Dangerzone, I guess that the Electravia electric engine could not compete in terms of price/performances with two strokes and that is simply why it failed. Good point on electric battery cells that can be replaced easily versus those welded. What is that flying system with compressed air...
  19. oriol

    Turnigy RotoMax 150cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor

    Thanks for the inputs dangerzone! I understand that electravia does no longer offer electric engines, I heard that although the electric pack was reliable it became a fiasco comercially. The Icaro 2000 is still available though, the electric pack can be purchased separately. Although I have...
  20. oriol

    Turnigy RotoMax 150cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor

    Hi DangerZone, What electric engines do you suggest for a minitrike/part 103 aircraft? There are some packs (batteries+prop+engine+controllers) already availabe in the market for around 10000E, do you think that it is possible for a homebuilder to make something comparable and reliable using...