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    King KX155

    Hello, I am helping a buddy work on his airplane. We need to turn his King KX155 on on the workbench, however, we are having trouble finding a good clear wiring diagram of the board. Can anyone help? Thank you!
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    Build your own VW engine

    So lets say a guy wants to use a 2180cc VW engine in his Mini-Max, but would rather assemble it all himself rather than write a check, how would you guys build it? I assume the case would have to be sent out to get the ForceOne hub installed, other than that, what components would you use...
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    Ultralight Day at Airventure museum

    Is anyone else going to go to the Ultralight Day at the Airventure Museum tomorrow? The family and I always go....Would be nice to see some of you local 'sconsinites there......
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    Hey, I was sitting at work and had a hair brained idea.....how possible would it be to create your own radio....I see websites of ham radio guys using arduino's with a touch screen to control it......what say ye brilliant minds?
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    https://www.summitracing.com/parts/svw-2600lb-t4/overview/ Since I am building a 4 banger vee-dub powered Minimax I have been looking for engines.....its a little too much for my price range....I thought the biggest they went was 2400 cc....but apparently they can go to 2600 cc too......I...
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    Propellers for vw engines

    Hey, I was wondering if other than wood props can be used on a vw 4 banger...... I was wondering about powerfin, or warp drive.....or any others.... I was just looking at a ground adjustable so i have options for the minimax......
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    Has anyone built a GP4 or know anyone who has?

    Ok, looking for anyone who has any information on building a GP4? Just looking at it for maybe my next build....once the Minimax is done.... Any advice?
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    Tips for building with wood.

    Hi all, I am getting into my Mini-max build, and I thought I would share some tips and tricks that I have learned thus far. This is mostly aimed at wood aircraft, as that is what I am building. Feel free to add your own tips below!
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    Fuel Burn question

    Hello, I have no experience with aviation use of 2 strokes......The weight savings peaked my interest for my Minimax..... I am curious about different fuel burns at cruise (70% power) for different hp...... 50 hp 60 hp 70 hp Or any other hp you might have experience with. I just dont know...
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    Plywood selection

    Hi, I am working on building a Minimax. Several parts of the aircraft call for Mahogany or Birch plywood (aircraft grade of course). Other locations call for just mahogany. Is there a reason for this, or is birch substitutable in all mahogany places?
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    Transponder in aircraft with no engine driven power source.

    Hi, I was searching today, and could not find anything conclusive on the subject. I am building a Minimax Eros, which will have no ENGINE DRIVEN power system. It may have a small battery to power a radio and some lights. Do I need a transponder to fly class C airspace? I seem to find mixed...
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    My budget build: Mini-max 1650 Eros

    Hi, I have been a pilot for about 8 years now, but haven't flown in about 5. I have a wife and kids, so a budget is a huge issue for me right now. Some of you who have followed some other threads I started know that I have purchased plans for a Christavia MK IV, but I can't swing the price of...
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    Better airfoil for Christavia Mk IV

    Hi, I have the plans for the Christavia Mk IV on order. Hopefully they arrive this Wednesday. I am planning on trying to reduce drag a little bit and am also looking for a lower drag airfoil. The main goal of this is to get a little more cruise speed out of the airplane. I don't have any runways...
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    Pictures please.

    Hi, i am looking for pictures of landing gear. Specifically someone who has adapted cessna style gear to a steel tube frame. Thank you.
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    What Tube style?

    Ok, so I am beginning to look at the Christiava Mk IV. I was going to build a Dakota Hawk, but need 4 seats. So, i was looking at 4130 tube from AS. I noticed that they have seamless and standard 4130. What is the difference, and does it matter what I use? Obviously, being on a budget, I like...
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    Pusher prop

    Ok. I recall someone mentioning a problem with a pusher prop directly behind the tail, but i can't remember it. Something like this :https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CirrusVK-30N94CM01.jpg
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    Beginning Search for Corvair.....help requested.

    Hey, I am looking for a used Corvair locally. I found one for $50, but it is a '63 and from a Manual Transmission. Is there a short list of requirements to do a Corvair? I thought I wanted '65 and newer and from an Automatic Transmission. Is this hear-say right? Thanks.
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    Any 125 hp belt redrives?

    Hey, kicjing an idea around in my head. any 125 hp belt redrives out there?
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    Bearings for a belt redrive.

    hey, I am looking at building a belt re-drive. just getting some ideas together at the moment. I was wondering what type of bearing to use up on the prop end. It will be a 14mm pitch x3 inch wide belt. With slack side tensioner. also, should I use a bearing on the engine crank side of the re-drive?
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    under 200 lbs?

    Hey, I am wondering if it is possible to get a corvair engine under 200 lbs? I need about 100 hp, and definitely want a 5th bearing. I know very little about them. Was thinking hand prop to save the weight of a starter? A Continental o-200 is approved for the airframe, so that is my goal. I like...