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  1. ve3xox

    For Sale Glasair super 2 parts

    Air craft sold.
  2. ve3xox

    For Sale Glasair super 2 parts

    I have in my possession The bits and pieces of a Glasair super 2. Full fuselage, landing gear, and interior. Pictures on request. Engine, prop, and electronics have been sold.
  3. ve3xox

    Rotax 582 wet fouling

    I got it all figured out..... iridium spark plugs! I installed a set and i have not had a problem since..... :)
  4. ve3xox

    For Sale Corvair engine for your home built.

    Give Gord a call in the evening, 7 to 8pm is the best time as he is out working on aircraft through the day. He has the engine. 519.794.2556 ... Bob
  5. ve3xox

    Air speed indicators Questions.

    I am just adding the second a/s indicator as a front seat reference if some one is flying with me in front seat.
  6. ve3xox

    Air speed indicators Questions.

    Maybe plumb both a/s indicators to the one pitot and static to an single outside source. thoughts?
  7. ve3xox

    Air speed indicators Questions.

    Thanks Turd Ferguson
  8. ve3xox

    Air speed indicators Questions.

    I am wishing to add a second airspeed indicator in the front seat of my Murphy Renegade. Question is.... Can I just tap into my existing Pitot Tube line? The static port on the first indicator is open under dash, so i should be able to leave the second airspeed indicator static port open also...
  9. ve3xox

    Smallest possible ultralight for real men 230lbs

    Has any one ever built an ultra light with a sealed wing structure capable of holding helium?
  10. ve3xox

    Where to find a small, light cowling nosebowl?

    Cowling from Aircraft Spruce Canada
  11. ve3xox

    For Sale Corvair engine for your home built.

    Dual ignition with exhaust system. Advertising for a friend. Sitting in his barn, a little dusty but there she sits. 110 horses waiting to fly. Looking for offers...bob
  12. ve3xox

    Rotax 582 wet fouling

    Well interesting day today. Went out to the Renegade and dropped a fresh new set of plugs in her Gaped to 20 thousand. Replaced a couple O rings in the fuel system shut off valves, and fuel her up. I throw the jumper on the battery and to the van and climbed in .... master on, Mags on, Fuel on...
  13. ve3xox

    Rotax 582 wet fouling

    Spoke with a fellow flyer today. He was wondering how I was doing with the renegade. I told him I was having a starting problem. His comment was... "You have a rotax 582 and it's inverted and your plugs are wet fouling.... Right?". I told him yes, and his response was..... "You need a bigger...
  14. ve3xox

    Rotax 582 wet fouling

    I thought about that. fuel off each tank flows into a header tank under the front cock pit. then to the carbs. So would have to remote the turn off just before the carbs. Wonder how long to run the carbs empty? bob
  15. ve3xox

    Hi From Ontario Canada

    Hi Guys and Gals. Bought a murphy renegade 2 and in the process of going over it with a fine tooth comb. I or any of my friends have had nothing to do with 2 stroke engines, so its a learning curve with this rotax 582. bob
  16. ve3xox

    Rotax 582 wet fouling

    Bought a murphy renegade with an inverted 582 in it a few weeks ago. Uses pre-mix fuel and oil. Starting has been a problem. Plugs wet foul and have to be removed and cleaned. Started yesterday first thing and run it for 10 minutes and shut down. Went to restart and plugs fouled again. HAve...
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    IMG 5767

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    IMG 5766

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    IMG 5764

  20. Renegade II m

    Renegade II m