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    Design at new version of the Fournier Motor Glider

    Thank you for this great thread. Rene Fournier is a great designer highly respected in France. some of his aircraft clockwise from top left corner RF 10 RF 9 Fauvel AV22 Flying Wing RF 3 the Flying Wing is not a Fournier but a very interesting glider pictures dated 30 years ago
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    Is electric propulsion worth it?

    Thank you for sharing. I think we should see small aircraft powered by electric motors or hybrid electric by 2025. This assumption is backed by: EASA has certified a Pipistrel two seater with electric propulsion very recently MagniX, Ampaire, VoltAero havé tested existing aircraft equipped by...
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    The Future of Air Travel

    Thank you for sharing. Great post. please find two other examples: Advanced Air Mobility And Hydrogen powered aviation https://www.nasa.gov/aeroresearch/programs/iasp/aam https://www.cleansky.eu/sites/default/files/inline-files/20200507_Hydrogen-Powered-Aviation-report.pdf Concerning...
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    Barnaby Wainfan's EAA 2020 "virtual OSH" forum

    Thank you for sharing. Very interesting
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    NASM: Lippisch DM-1 Reconsidered

    Thank you for sharing. Very interesting report
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    NASM: Lippisch DM-1 Reconsidered

    Thank you very much. Very interesting and useful
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    Flying Pancake aircraft for bush operations

    Thank you for sharing. Both this version of the Lysander and the French fighter Arsenal-Delanne VB 10 were flight tested (Most of the flight testing of the VB 10 was done by the German) during the war. I would hesitate to say proven in wartime. Both aircraft remained prototypes. This being said...
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    60 Years of Popular Mechanics saved from the dump

    Thank you for sharing. Extraordinary!