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  1. StarJar

    Designers couldn't make up their mind, or what?

    Rudder hinges are always on the centerline rather than left or right surface/corner. The center is the most awkward position to structurally install a hinge. We all know p-factor creates an assymetrical use of the rudder. My suggestion is mount them on new designs so the...
  2. StarJar

    Roncz FW Airfoil as Pinch Hitter

    In trying to design a flying wing ultralight I found that sometimes something that doesn't make sense can be the perfect answer in a different situation. What I'm getting at is I have a situation where I want to run the main spar behind the pilot. That puts it at about 50% back on the 8ft...
  3. StarJar

    Succesful Geodetic Model, Finally

    I made a new model with slightly reshaped bulheads which solved the problem of breaking lattices when bending. Some of you had questions or made suggestions which màde me think about how to explain exactly what I have here. This may be painfully boring with obscure details, but it all ties...
  4. StarJar

    Setting Up a 2-Sttoke for Direct Drive

    Setting Up a 2-Stroke for Direct Drive This thread is dedicated to the memory of Mark Stull. May he rest in peace with a new set of wings.------------------------------------------------------------------ Mark's documentation of DD 2-sroke operation cáught a lot of us by surprise...
  5. StarJar

    Geodetic Fuselage Flop

    Here's another geodetic scale fuselage. The problem is when I went to put on the second layer of lattices, the bends were too great. This will work eventually. Just a few problems to work out.
  6. StarJar

    Need to Make New 2-Stroke

    OK here goes. I've been mulling over engines for a less-than-200 lb. ultralight, that has a 14-1 glide ratio. To cut to the chase I want an engine that is less than 50 lbs, puts out at least 30 HP, is direct drive, has low fuel consumption, and doesn't have terrible vibration. After wandering...
  7. StarJar

    CAD question

    Couldn't find any ongoing CAD help thread so I started this one. OK here's my problem. I have TurboCad and I'm trying to put an ultralight's complete structure into a 3D rendering. I have accurate wing rib and fuselage formers for my design, from Profili/Devfus programs. The problem is the...
  8. StarJar

    How you gonna find astronauts that don't mind a little radiation?

    I wonder what this will do to the number of people signing up for deep space excursions? Article
  9. StarJar

    Guy photos prop separating inflight.

    Check out this picture this guy apparently took as a passenger. Facebook
  10. StarJar

    Prantdl/Bowers Application to Homebuilts

    Edit: Sorry everyone. After posting below about my experiment, I was checking the results, and found that the normally loaded wing WOULD fly as fast as the Prantdl loaded wing. My mistake had to do with not properly accounting for the fuselage width on one of the models. Again I appologize, and...
  11. StarJar

    The Economics of the Airplane Hobby

    For many years I thought my fortune lay in the homebuilt aviation world. I thought that if I could just design a plane that everybody liked I would have gobs of money and be financially set. But I guess I never really looked hard at the reality of that. Even a popular design does not put its...
  12. StarJar

    StarJar's basement and a 163 Komet

    I made this video to show a few things of how programs can help us design. https://youtu.be/mt5PZNuH8SE
  13. StarJar

    Aircraft Carrier: Anyone else ever worked on one?

    First of all 'aircraft carrier' has to be the most inaccurate name of anything I've ever seen. Sure it carrries aircraft, but when you're on one, it's more like being on a screeming, chaotic powder keg. My first birthing, (where you slept), was right below the third wire of the flight deck...
  14. StarJar

    Aedifrent Bird; Design and Build

    Aedifferent Bird; Design and Build This is a new ultralight design that will have a tapered, cantilever wing, mono-wheel landing gear, and wood geodetic structure throughout. I would like to thank our late friend Orion, and, Jman, HITC, Wsimpson, Norman, Goose, Maverick, and the moderators...
  15. StarJar

    Made a geodetic (full wrap) fuselage model

    Length 27" weight 1.3 oz. Very rigid with only 20% of joints glued!
  16. StarJar

    Why not use cell towers for ATC communication?

    All across the USA we have cell towers, that handle millions of calls. It seems that it would be a small additional load to use them for general aviation. A way to do it would be that the towers, and flight facilities, would have a dual system that can recieve and transmit calls through...
  17. StarJar

    Does anyone know the posts that lead to aircar being banned?

    The reason I ask is because I just discovered about this banning, and although I could see how this could occur, he was kind of a friend. So I just wanted to see what lead up to this. And also get a clearer picture of what others see as too disruptive to the site.
  18. StarJar

    What is your best personal story about a flying expereince?

    OK here is the thread you all have been waiting for. Please tell us your most memorable flying experience. It could be a near catastrophe, or even something funny that happened. Or just a really cool experience you had flying. ('Mile high' experiences need not be included.:speechles) Who wants...
  19. StarJar

    Simple Slats....Maybe

    Mulling over an ultralight I want to design, I really wanted to use full span slots, or even better, slats. The slots were attractive, because they are so much more do-able than slats. Right? But like a spoiled brat, I kept thinking about slats. Then, one day, I had an idea. I did some...
  20. StarJar

    HBA "New Posts" as home page; I was wondering if any of you do it his way...>

    I wanted to have the "New Posts" be my home page, mostly to save time, (I like looking at it before read the news, or emails). At first I tried the address that appears in the address window, but it didn't work right. Then I realized you have to get the "properties" by right clicking the "New...