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  1. Craig

    Bakeng Duce

    My beautiful "Deuces Wild" is up for sale. Lyc. O-290-D, climb prop (74" x 52"), MicroAir radio, etc. Climb rate is above 1500 fpm, but cruise only 105. EW 1021, GW 1650. $33,000. 150 hr TT, airframe and engine.
  2. Craig

    Highs and Lows

    Strange thoughts sometimes circulate in my brain. So i will share with all ya'll (plural of ya'll) the latest thinking: We are all taught that air circulates clockwise around a high pressure area, and counter-clockwise around a low. Basic weather, right? So in a thermal, which way does the...
  3. Craig

    O-290-D Piston Rings

    Due to my good buddy (!) installing iron rings in a non-chrome cylinder, I find myself in need of a full set of standard or .005 oversize chrome piston rings for my O-290-D. Any good leads will be appreciated - can't find a copy of Trade-A-Plane anywhere! I'm just glad that it did not result...
  4. Craig

    Continental Engines

    Does anyone have good information on Continental engines? I can de-code the Lycomings without too much problem, like an O-320-A has 150 HP, the -B, -C, -D engines 160 HP, etc. And someplace I have a table of installed weights. But - for Continental engines, I have almost nothing. The O-300...
  5. Craig


    I've been noticing a lot of stuff from AOPA lately about mentoring new pilots, and it brought something to mind. Many of us have completed one airplane or more, and do enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience. So - how about if we start mentoring new builders? I've already got my hand...
  6. Craig


    James, I don't have a clue who made the camera - but a Google search for "in-car cameras" would probably find a source.
  7. Craig


    Zeno, I have a personal preference for Cherry. Easy to pull, and I get them for free from a local helicopter manufacturer! I also love driving rivets! Fast, cheap, easy. Just don't use the Home Depot ones for anything but temporary jig building. Any of the blind rivets that retain the...
  8. Craig

    Turn Coordinator

    Need a turn coordinator for Deuces Wild - 3 1/8", electric, cheap. Did I mention cheap? :gig:
  9. Craig

    Deuces Wild Story

    For a nice story about my Duce, please see: http://www.eaa.org/benefits/sportaviation/0507_womb.pdf Many thanks to all for their help. Craig
  10. Craig

    Deuces Wild Takes To The Skies!

    On Saturday, April 23, 2005, Deuces Wild, NX96CW, made a successful First FLight. Piloted by Les Benson, of Alfa Charters, the Wilcox-Bakeng Duce took off at a little past 10:30 am, climbing away from North Palm Beach County Airport (F45) at better than 1,500 feet per minute. Pilot Les...
  11. Craig


    Jake - did you get the plans print? Do you need anything more? Let me know! Merry Christmas!
  12. Craig

    Electric adjustable?

    I know that hydraulic controlable props won't work witht he Corvair, but how about electric adjustable? Saw one recently on a Jabiru-powered Kitfox that even had a Beta range! Check it out, let us know. Maybe William Wynne has an answer.
  13. Craig


    Jake - Contact me after the holiday with your address - I will copy the portion of the plans with the door stuff and mail it to you. craigwilcox@peoplepc.com Oh - you can delete this thread if you want - have to go to a job site and don't have time to get over to my email this morning.
  14. Craig

    Bakeng Duce

    I finally got some decent pictures of NX96CW! Ya'll enjoy, and don't drool too much! Final flight will be shortly after the DAR takes a look. I'll try to post another picture.
  15. Craig

    License or Not?

    Posing a question to the group: Our EAA Chapter is rebuilding a small motor glider. It weighs about 300 lb., and has never had an N-number. Power is a Continental O-32, producing about 30 HP, through an adjustable pitch folding prop. The question is if a pilots license with glider or...
  16. Craig

    Taylor Titch

    Hey all - I am looking for a full set of plans for the Taylor Titch. This is a single seater, low wing, all wood airplane designed for VW-type/size engines. Back in the 70's, I built one of these, designed by John Taylor of England. Since he and his wife have passed on, I no longer have a...
  17. Craig

    Wiring Glitch

    Hey guys - As I mentioned in another post to Jake, I have a wiring problem in my Duce that is really nagging at me. I installed the radio (MicroAir 760) per their wiring diagram. When I press the PTT, I get a loud squeal in the headphones, and the tach needle goes to the top of the scale...
  18. Craig

    It Cranks!!!!!

    IT Really RUNS! At 6:15 yesterday evening (3/29/04) the Duce came to life!!! We very carefully poured in 5 gallons of vintage '04 100LL (with proper ground straps, might I add!), ran the various pumps, primed the primer system. We had the tail tied to a tree, chocks in place, area...
  19. Craig

    Your SS Exhaust

    Well, I have welded SS 321 and (I think) 317 with Oxy/Acet and my regular filler rod, held together very well but sure looked ugly! I think you could probably do the job with a SS filler rod, and have it do pretty good. The flame actually shields the metal from oxidation/reduction, if you...
  20. Craig

    Cranking it up!

    :ban: Just had to post a note. I was working on the Duce yesterday, safety wiring this and that, making sure all the cotters are in, etc. Except for the wing struts, all is DONE! We are planning to time the mags today, track the prop, and CRANK IT UP FOR THE FIRST TIME! Big step in...