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    FES actual thrust for self lunch

    Hi We see many glider with the FES ( front electric sustainer) The low weight one, like the Silent and Lak can take off with the fes system over their 20kw/22kw engine. But what is the actual thrust that this give ? The 1meter prop is quite small. Anyone have data of a glider running the FEs...
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    Shear web spar in many part or spar cap in section -choosing option

    Hi I'm posting in regard of the shear web for spar. I haven't find much info on earlier post so here is a tricky question, i do think. Some glider used rooving or uni tape. So let say the spar cap is the black box of a ridiculous 90ply uni tape. In the option 1: the foam core (pink block)...
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    Wing fuselage joint ply laying in mold

    Hi I wonder about the way to do a proper layup into the wing/fuselage junction of a mold. Just like this picture of the Perlan project. Is just applying some small 1inch tape all around in 0-90-45+45 can do the trick... And after those backing, we put the main fiber layer and cut it in some...
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    Fuel line different size tubing problem or..

    Hi I would like to know any problem may appear if using different fuel tube size. If we go for an engine with carburator running usually with 1/4 fuel tubing and got 2 wing tank : System layout as follow wing tank fuel pickup : on 1/4 tubing, goes into a 3/8 fuel filter go into a 3/8 fuel...
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    Wing spar bonding Hysol amount

    Hi I search several place to find out about the Hysol 9430 bonding process. Pretty clear, we add about 1:1 flox and put the mix on the spar, rib and then close out. But : For a wing of 20feet long , the Hysol can is only 2lbs at Aircraftspruce. So How many can do we need to bond a complete...
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    Info on wing load testing or only Spar

    Hi I try to find out more and read many post, but it's not really clear about one item, in regards of the testing. If i build a composite spar using carbon rod and web flange with carbon fiber too : - for a static testing with sandbag, what will be the difference if testing the spar only VS...
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    Fuel sender Princeton type installation how to

    Hi I've done lot of search and a point that still very not clear is : How do i install a Fuel sender unit into a Polyethylene tank. It's a wing tank model, same material as some fuel chair used in small ULM. I was thinking to go with a Princeton capacitive gauge unit or a Falcon.. PRINCETON...
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    DUC blade propeller search

    Hi I'm into the project of building a foldable propeller using a Duc blade. So is any have or still have a broken Duc blade ? I'm looking for the base of the blade and i'm not sure for now about which one i will got the Swirl Iconel or not.. Was it better and more robust than a regular one ...
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    MGS285 or 335 as Infusion system

    Hi Just a small question, i know the MGS system 285 and the 335 are a laminating resin for doing hand layup.. But is there anybody who try to use this resin as in Infusion one ? To built up your dry fabric layup, do the vacu bag and inject the resin with that type ? The viscosity might be...
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    Carbon spar with diedral in middle -Jodel

    Hi I have since a long time a pretty big question that i'm not sure. If i whant to build a wing straight, but at the 2/3 of the wing(from the fuselage) you got a diedral of 5degres. Exactly like a Jodel aircraft. So if we use a Jim Marske method with the carbon rod, it's pretty easy for a...