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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?
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    Show off your HomeBuiltAirplane stickers!!!

    I've seen one on a car and heard of one on a hanger, where are yours? Can you take a photo and share with the other members here? On a toolbox, a hanger or your plane? Show it off !!!
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    The HomeBuiltAirplane Decals -

    While Supporting Membership comes with 2 die-cut vinyl Home Built Airplane Forum decals. You can purchase more here! We are selling them for only $9 for 3 decals, click the image above or link below to purchase. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE HOME BUILT AIRPLANE FORUM DECALS
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    HBA Forum Stickers in the works!

    We are in the process of having stickers made for all the regular priced Supporting Members and Lifetime Supporting Members. Here are the options we are looking at: Which looks best for you? And would you want them approximately 2 x 5 inches, or 2.75 by 9 inches?
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    Log forum - postings NEW UPDATE

    Anyone with a Log in that forum can post in that forum. It's up to the various Log Members to stay on their own Log builds. Please do not post on another's thread. The mods will have to delete the extra postings.
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    Forum software updated today.

    The software was upgraded from Xenforo 1.5 to 2.1 today. The basic functions are much the same. You will noticed that the little man icon that lead to the User Control Panel when clicked, is now your member name. When you are on your User Control Panel, you will need to check Preferences...
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    Should we have kit manufacture subforums?

    Should we have subforums for the various kit manufactures out there? Have a dedicated Sonerai, Sonex, etc forums. Just starting the process to see if there is any interest.
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    How to Disable Ads

    As many of you know , we started serving ads to help cover site running costs .. we try to keep it less distractive as possible to make the browsing experience better .. but if you don't like Ads at all you are still able to disable Ads completely by 1 - click this little man icon at Top 2 -...
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    Move to Xenforo

    Sometime in the next week we will migrate the forum to Xenforo. You will notice a default "This forum is undergoing maintenance" message. Probably take me about 1-2 hours to convert the site. vB4 is end of life, it's not security supported software anymore and there are active exploits for this...
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    Admin is Back

    Well folks, I finally got my Internet connection up and running in my living space (nice term for bottom half of a bunk bed) here in Baghdad Iraq. I was not able to monitor the site much over the last month so I hope all has been well. Now that I am up and running in my new mission and have a...
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    I'll be out of the Office for.....

    Greetings everyone, Just a quick announcement to let you all know that I'll be out of the country for next 12-18 months in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is a big change in scenery for me but rest assured that regardless of my location or activities, HBA will remain operational and...
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    Disappearing Posts - Quick Reply

    Please Post any problems with posts disappearing after using the Quick Reply box. Thanks.
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    Max File Size

    I've just increased the permissible file size of an attachment from 200K to 500K. I have also increased the physical dimension restriction of pictures from 600X600 Pixels to 800X800. This should give folks some more flexibility in attaching pictures and files to posts. The file size and...
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    Site Attacked!

    Hello everyone, Well, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later but I was expecting later. This evening, someone began to attack HBA with what is known as an Auto-poster program. This enables them to make the same post over and over again as a way to advertise something (usually...
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    Rules Updates

    I forgot to mention something in the site rules that is pretty important. I've added it to the rules page as rule number 4. Here is a copy of what I added: As much as I dislike red tape; this is a rule that, if HBA is going to survive, is a necessity. I would hate for someone to end up...
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    Safety discussion area modified

    The area formerly titled "Safety" has been changed to "Flight Techniques / Flight Safety". The reason for this is that I felt the area was a little vague and the two subjects are pretty much intertwined. I'm posting it here so that you might know that the area exists. If you have any comments...
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    Intermittent Outages

    I just wanted to say thanks for being patient with all of the outages that the site has had the last few days. Below is the email that I was sent from my hosting company today (Feb 3rd, 2003). It details some reasons for the outages. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Jake
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    A little HBA news

    Well, I just thought I'd share that I'm going on Vacation!!!:D I haven’t been on a true vacation (without the kids) since the kids were born (4 years). Can you just see the grin on my face? I'm going skiing at Whistler Canada and I can't wait. My legs are actually hurting just thinking...
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    Sport Pilot

    Just a little poll to see how many of us are planning on taking advantage of the Sport Pilot license.
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    Wright experience

    Anyone going to be there for the 2003 reenactment of the flight at Kitty Hawk? Sounds like it's going to be quite a time.