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    Is it common to solder the nutsert into the tube?

    I hate slop and like the nutserts. Has anyone soldered or brazed the nutserts into their AC?
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    Fuel hopper tank?

    Is everyone using a small hopper tank for wing mounted main tanks? I hate getting air in the line. Thanks .MM
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    Basic Modern Ultralight, BMU

    I have started drawing my Modernized Demoiselle. BMU.. For today's market with airports and hangers getting out of hand cost wise, It has to have folding wings and fit inside of an 8.5 ft wide trailer. So that is the first design parameter. Folding wings that nest on the rudder. A tow...
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    Pitch vs angle

    Anyone have a quick chart for using angle to match my pitch? 56x28 prop. What should the angle be at 75%? Thanks, MM
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    Spoilerons ?

    I did the search . Has anyone used up only spoilerons for the only roll control? Maybe added to some dihedral? Also... I want to mount mine at 25% , front spar firm. I cant see why it wont work. Ugly maybe but should work fine IMHO. I want this plane to be light enough for 22 HP and adding...
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    Weld or Braze?

    The race cars that I worked on are all brazed, very little or no welding. I welded my last 4130 fuse together. But wonder if I can braze some of the diagonals for the rear of the Demoiselle fuse . I plan on gas welding the majors .
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    Need 2 stroke mufflers and pipes .

    Cuyuna 430 and Hirth 383 , 2 cycle , 2 stroke mufflers needed. What do ya have? I can fabricate most small Rotax style to fit. Thanks,MM
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    tractor Prop for Rotax 6 bolt pattern. about 54x27 ish

    Wood preferred . I think that it needs to be LH.maybe ??
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    Best source for pipes and mufflers?

    I have 2 cute little engines without exhaust. Hirth 383cc needs a pipe or muffer. Same for Cuyuna 430. Whats the best source,? Thanks,MM
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    Does X foil address the details yet?

    CL modifiers like Gurney Flap, Vortex generators, Tip plates, wing sweep .? I looked at it and have passed so far for lack of these inputs. Thanks for any input . MM
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    Bending 5/8 ,035,4130?

    I bent some 1.5 4130 with issues. Has anyone bent the 5/8 in with sucess? Thanks.MM Is this the correct forum?
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    UL spars?? Tube or plank?

    I need 18ft spars. 3in Alluminum looks to be the standard. Has anyone used 1x1 alluminum as caps over foam? This would alloy me to make full depth spars and easy hard points.
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    Glues for foam to alloy tube?

    Is there a better glue than Gorrilla glue for foam? To the spar and for covering?
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    What covering does this guy use?

    Has anyone else used Oratex for their UL? Thanks, MM
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    440CC Honda clone , anyone using any of the big singles for Ultra light?

    I would like to use 2 of these Honda clones. Duromax 440 18 HP. Modded up a bit with compression, cam, roller rockers, billit rod, etc. Looks like they should make 30 ish HP at 5000RPM. The FWF weight might be 55# each or less. That would give a pretty good power/weight ratio. Looking...