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    Lowest cost AHRS EFIS/6 pack replacement?

    I think it is near perfect for a daytime VFR experimental. I would include at least one non TSO Steam ASI along side it in case the volts go absent :)
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    Lowest cost AHRS EFIS/6 pack replacement?

    The Skylab FLybox gives you engine monitoring too. David Cooper at Team Minimax is the US rep, SkyLab Flybox Android based EFIS high value as it comes with all sensors for under $800 + add your own tablet. That said the Avmap AVMAP ULTRA - EFIS | Aircraft Spruce is worth of consideration and...
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    Ultralight Biplanes

    I have plans set #2 they are a work of art.
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    Electric Self Launch Options

    Victor Bravo Thank you for this cautionary tail. I do think a microlift type of plane like the monarch with self launch capability would be great but you are correct the opportunities are still low for using such a craft. This is why I have elected an efficient Cygnet SF2A to operate with...
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    Electric Self Launch Options

    I love gliding and soaring! Electric may prove useful in the self launch and sustained enthusiast market. The Midwest in not the ideal for for traditional gliders something like this Russian development is of interest what else is out there EM6, Zigilo ? Log into Facebook | Facebook For...
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    Don Wolf W11 Boredom Fighter

    Matt after studying the plans do you see a simple winter bubble option to extend the flying season? The side view above looks feasible. Matt
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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    Here is the Link Pops is referring to. Bob left all of us a gift his widow keeps the blog live. We are all tankfull. HVX MODS
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    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    I am looking forward to this series!
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    Verner Anounced suspensoin of production for 3V and 5V radials

    Ouch I rememberd $5K and I thought that was spendy. Competition would be good.
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    Verner Anounced suspensoin of production for 3V and 5V radials

    Actually they said the discontinued them to dedicate all manufacturing capacity to the more lucrative 9 cylinder 😥. I am hopeful they will expand capacity and resume in the future. I would like a LE with a 3V Feel free to drool! Very disappointed as I think they would fit the lighter...
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    440CC Honda clone , anyone using any of the big singles for Ultra light?

    This guy has some experience with a Vegas Cart Engine equiped trike. Not much posted in 4 years https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe8AthiwNkZ_pTMg_Ul6zqg/videos That said 3 months ago he did show 65kgf thrust
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    The Plank Flies!

    Perfectly Simple! I like it! What are the Engine and Prop diameter limitations? What does a wing panel weigh?
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    The Plank Flies!

    Mike Any considerations to a folding wing for hanger fee savings? I guess you could put it in a trolley and shove it as is under a Cessna or High Wing Piper. Matt
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    The Plank Flies!

    I have invited him to rejoin our list and provide commentary.
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    The Plank Flies!

    More PLANK 2.0 Enjoy!
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    Using only GPS as your EFIS inputs??? Why u do dat?

    This Gyro Based AH looks promising. Needs to be implemented with inches of mercury for altitude notable it has a magnetic sourced DG function and could serve as a incidental Artificial Horizon should a sport pilot wander into a IMC. Turn 180 and get out! Has both 12V and 5V inputs so a...
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    Russian Grasshopper Biplane, or as they say when in Russia take parts of a AN-2 and build a ultralight

    Looks like easy ingress/egress. Never liked the T-Tail on the Scamp Aerosport Scamp but it is a worthy lite biplane to consider as well.
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    New guy here, howdy!

    Welcome Kevin you will find this is the best run aviation group on the net. Moderators do a great job and everone is helpful. Lurk ask questions and learn, loads of old school homebuilders in the group who share openly from experience. Regards Matt Caretaker of Zig Berzins Cygnet SF2A NX237F
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    SF-2A Cygnet For Sale in SoCal - FLY it Home Today

    Great news. Invite the new owner to reach out to me. Matt
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    The Plank Flies!

    Love the forward sweep just like my Cygnet makes for great visibility but horizon references take getting used to.