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  1. Tantrum1

    New Shop Tool!

    SO we pulled the trigger on a new shop tool a couple weeks ago. We purchased a Sienci Labs 30 X 30 Longmill CNC router kit. Its arrived, but I haven't had a chance to assemble it yet but hoping to start assembly this weekend coming. the plan is to use it to build the remaining molds for the...
  2. Tantrum1


    Good day all, I am beginning to start some light filling on my wing to rid it of a few imperfections. I was planning on using west system, mixed with west systems 410 micro light. But I've read that it can be affected by elevated temperatures. I was planning on using this on my wing, and part of...
  3. Tantrum1

    Avionic Antenna and Carbon??

    Good day all, As some of you know I am building an aircraft with a 4130 chassis and a carbon skin fuselage. I'm stating to plan the avionics packages, and i'm wondering about antennas. I'm trying to eliminate anything that will cause any parasitic drag, ie. Antennas. So my question is can a 406...
  4. Tantrum1

    High Temp Epoxy

    Good day all, I'm looking to build my cooling intake ducts purely out of carbon. I've been building the molds and am getting close to being ready to lay it up. A lot of people are using aluminum baffles and attaching the carbon to the aluminum, looks good. But I'd prefer to get rid of the...
  5. Tantrum1

    Posting a video clip???

    I tried search the site to find help, and I seem to remember seeing something not to long ago on this topic but can't find what I'm looking for. I want to post a really short clip I took with my iPhone into my build log. However it wont let me. How can I do this? Thanks Mark
  6. Tantrum1

    New Wood Supplier in MO

    Hey guys, I got chatting with a guy that owns a sawmill and has started producing aircraft quality wood products from ASH. I haven't seen any of it, but he really seems to have a passion for aviation and is building a couple of wooden aircraft. Also i'm of the understanding that he may have...
  7. Tantrum1

    Pressure Checking Fuel Cell

    Hey all, I've finished my oil tank and my fuel tank, welded 5052 Aluminum. I need to leak test it. I know of people using air pressure, some using water with an additional "header pressure" of water. My question is I've looked in a few places and can't seem to find any specs of how much PSI(I...
  8. Tantrum1

    Visual Sanding Aid?

    Hey everyone, I'm about to start the process of sanding my wing skeleton for consistent surface to bond the plywood skins to. I'm trying to figure out the best product to put on the surface being sanded, to give me the best visual reference during sanding for the high and low spots. I was...
  9. Tantrum1

    Vertical bonding joints.

    Good day fellow builders! Well I’m looking for a bit of advice... I’m getting ready to bond some ribs to the spars. The rib is designed with a cut-out to straddle the spar, and once it’s done you sand off the straddle portion. Also a good point to mention, there is also corner blocking to be...
  10. Tantrum1

    Engine Sensor Package

    Good day folks! Thought I would post and see where people are doing their shopping. I'm close to purchasing my complete engine sensors, the normal CHT/EGT, oil press, oil temp, manifold pressure, fuel flow/press and rpm pickup. I know the usual places like spruce, wick, and such. Just...
  11. Tantrum1

    For Sale KT76A Transponder

    I have a freshly serviced KT76A transponder and it’s tray for sale. Comes with Form 1 or 8130 from a certified repair facility Atlantic Avionics. Transponder is 12volt. Shipping is included within Canada and the lower 48 States. Message me with questions. PayPal only. $500 USD
  12. Tantrum1

    O-200 Remote Oil Tank

    Good day, My build is going to be running a Continental O-200, however there's no room for the oil tank in the cowl. So I need to have a remote oil tank. Does anyone know of a remote tank adapter plate for the bottom of the engine to run the oil to and from the tank? I don't want to have to...
  13. Tantrum1

    Snoshoo SR-1 Reno Formula 1 Racer

    Good day all! Some of you may have seen some post around here from me, but here's my official "coming out". My name is Mark and I live on the East Coast of Canada and I'm building a Reno F1 Racer, a Snoshoo SR-1. We are in high gear with building with lots of stuff completed, but still lots to...
  14. Tantrum1

    Wood...Stress Risers???

    Good day all, Question for you. I'm aware of the importance and the care needed when working and smoothing any edges and "jagged" lines in metal as it creates a possible stress riser in the metal. My question is Is this the same for wood? I ask because I have small tooling marks on the...
  15. Tantrum1

    Cassutt wing clamps

    I'm building a similar aircraft to the cassutt. But different..lol. My blue prints call out for "Cassutt Style" wing clamps for attaching the wing to the fuselage. BUT it doesn't really give much more info than that. I'm wondering if there's anyone here building a cassutt or has a set of plans...
  16. Tantrum1

    Tips for storing wood parts.

    Good day, First time wood builder here. I am getting ready to place my order for my wood planks to make the ribs for my racer. It could be some time before I get to assemble them on the wing spars. After they are constructed, I wont be able to varnish them until they are layed up on the spar...
  17. Tantrum1

    Laminated Wood Spar Question

    Good day all, I am about to lay up my wood spar for my project. It is a laminated spar consisting of 9 strips. The completed spar is tapered from root to tip on both the top and on the forward side. Similar to the crude drawing I just made in the Microsoft draw and attached here. My...
  18. Tantrum1

    Canadian East Coaster

    Good day all! I’m Mark and I have an airplane addiction….lol.. I’m currently working as an AME (Canadian equivalent to the US A&P IA) for a corporate flight department. I just recently finished off my CPL training so it’s time to move on to the build. I have 2 builds that I am debating on...