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  1. timberwolf8199

    Life in an airpark

    I just found a house for sale not far from where I currently live that is part of an airpark with an unlighted 2500 ft grass strip. And now I'm wondering what kind of conditions come along with living in an airpark? I assume there are maintenance fees of some kind, but how are they usually...
  2. timberwolf8199

    Simply supported propeller blades

    Hopefully this is still clear the second time I write it. I was about to hit submit when my computer decided to reboot...Grrrrr. I was tossing an idea around in my head last night and thought I would get some feedback. This is somewhat hypothetical, but like all questions of the type it...
  3. timberwolf8199

    Questions about owning a grass strip airport

    There is a man near me who has his house/land up for sale. The land has a 2500' grass strip on it and it is listed as an airport. While the idea is very appealing to me, I'd like to know if anyone can enlighten me as to the details of owning an airport (or if you can tell me where to find such...
  4. timberwolf8199

    Seamless composite fuselage?

    Has anyone seen this article? Obviously a seamless fuselage would be ideal...but I'm not seeing how this is all that different. It seems to me that he essentially just vacuum bagged the whole thing at once. He has a composite layup being compressed between two surfaces in which pressure...
  5. timberwolf8199

    Computational Software (Mathcad)

    I've been doodling airplane designs since I was in high school and would love to begin building one of them some day. I've been reading this forum for a while gleaning what I can and thought I'd start in on some calculations to prove out/solidify one design in particular that I'm fond of. I have...