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    Stall Recovery vs Tail/Fuselage design

    Another question to stir up some thoughts. In most aircraft design texts it shows the typical 60deg/30deg unstable air profile for the leading and trailing edges of the horizontal stabilizer relative to the vertical stabilizer/rudder. The point of the diagram is in correctly locating the horiz...
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    Engine vs pliot placement relative to neutral pt

    Another question for the group: The aircraft design I am working on places the engine a little further foward than necessary for aesthetics, thereby requiring the pilot a little further aft. I realize there is a weight penalty with this (Add'l structure), but what does it do to aircraft inertia...
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    Aspect Ratio/Chord/Span vs Section Depth

    Guys, I'm building a one off design, standard low wing all aluminum aircraft. Right now I am playing around with AR vs. section depth. Here are some preliminary figures: Empty 450~500lb Gross 730~775lb Wng section USA 35B Wing Size: (option 1) 3.50' chord x 21.28' span = 74.5ft^2 AR = 6.08...
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    For Sale Hummel Bird Plans

    Guys, I have a 11x17 set of Hummelbird plans for sale that also includes the builders manual. This set does not have a serial number, but is legitimate. I contacted Hummel Aviation a few years back and they told me some of the early plans sets did not come with a serial number. Contact me if...