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  1. oriol

    Road version of the Flight of the Phoenix

    Hi! Although this is not about an airplane I thought that it was interesting to share this story. It is about a french who broke his car in the desert and transformed it into a motorbike with a handsaw to get back to civilisation. I do not know if it was easier, after breaking the car, to go...
  2. oriol

    A small step for composites but a big step for my project

    Hi! I just achieved a big milestone towards the completion of my current prototype! It is a bicycle rack, together with the seat they make the only composite parts of the tricycle. Once the machine is finished, and well tested, I will like to make a small metal structure to fix a...
  3. oriol

    Any famous pioneer woman aircraft designer and builder?

    Hi! I just had a conversation with a friend´s wife who is about to write a novel intended for kids. The main character of the novel is a little girl who builds an aircraft in her backyard, the action takes place at the beginning of the XX century. I was sorry because I could not tell her...
  4. oriol

    Pou Butterfly

    Hi, According to this link (in french but with many interesting pictures) the first version of the Pou Butterfly airplane flew unpowered. I am curious as if this airplane could serve as a primary glider equivalent in performances with paragliders/hangliders or Mike Sandlin´s Goat? The fact...
  5. oriol

    How dissimetry of lift is managed in Bensen type gyroplanes?

    Hi all! I am very intrigued with the rotor found in many light gyros like the Bensen type. I understand that the rotor is windmilling all the time and the pilot can only adjust the orientation of the rotor, without being able to modify the blades pitch in flight. One can tell from pictures...
  6. oriol

    UFOs anyone?

    My mother used to work for Iberia back in the seventies and she remenber hearing stories, although she never saw nothing strange flying by herself. If you dig in the internet it seems that the scientific debate seems polarised 50/50, wich results in a zero sum that cannot lead to any conclusive...
  7. oriol

    What has become of Dick Eipper?

    Hi, I was searching on the net trying to find examples of very simple tube and fabric wings of primary gliders, while I submerged a bit on the historic transition from hangliders to ultralights. I therefore learn about Dick Eipper wich is known for being the founder of Quicksilver and a...
  8. oriol

    Facebook planing to use drones to bring internet to remote regions/worldwide

    From what I understand FB is developing unmanned solar airplanes, with incredible wingspans (bigger than the Mc Cready/NASA´s Helios), that will be able to stay in the air for very long periods (even months) without the need to refuel. The idea is to use those airplanes to bring internet to...
  9. oriol

    Origami aircraft

    While digging on the internet studying different ways to make floats and hulls. I found those curious examples of extremely quick folding origami like boats. Portable Folding Boat Quickboat foldable boat: From roof rack to water in 60 seconds Home | Oru Kayak | Explore outside the box It...
  10. oriol

    Learning to fly without instructor

    Hi all! Does any of you know or at least has heard from someone who has been able to learn to fly by himself alone? Of course I mean without any kind of instruction, like what did the wrights, Otto Liliental or de la Cierva back in their days. Even if that under PART 103 it is not mandatory...
  11. oriol

    Airliner crashes in Mali

    http://time.com/3032017/algerian-plane-wreckage-found-in-mali/ Although the cause of the accident is not yet known. Given that the airplane flew through a heavy sand storm the particular meteorological conditions seem to be a plausible cause of the accident. I remember that during a volcano...
  12. oriol

    How to release a mold?!

    Hi all! I am working wih composites in order to build non structural parts such as cowlings or a seat... I am not trying to build a sailplane wing. I am doing tests to learn the whole process about mold making, and the part that is causing me more trouble is that of releasing the mold. I...
  13. oriol


    I saw the youtube video by chance and it looked so real that I thought they might be using some kind of maglev. At the end it resulted to be a hoax. Oriol HUVr - The Future has arrived. HUVr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. oriol

    Malaysian airlines missing plane

    Is There A Better Way To Track Aircraft During Flight? : The Two-Way : NPR It is somehow amazing to realize that with all the available technology still airliners are not tracked during the whole flight. Let´s hope the airplane is found soon so that the causes of the accident can be...
  15. oriol

    Possible longest range flying unpowered with stopovers?

    Hi! I red that it was banned to set new time records flying unpowered gliders because of the risks it involves for the pilot to fly sleepless. I remembered that on "one good day" a pilot flew most of the pyrennes (in VFR conditions) without planing it in advance, so it is obvious that with the...
  16. oriol

    Mars one

    Mars One Mars One - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I never heard of this before but today I saw in the news an interview with two local folks selected to be part of this private founded expedition. What is surprising is the quantity of people (from all over the world) who had volunteered to...
  17. oriol

    Maria leijerstam first person to cycle to south pole

    Although strictly speaking this is not related with aviation, it is a good example of what can be achieved by using some aerodynamic advantage and tundra type tyres. Maria was competing with two other men riding conventional MTB (wit tundra tyres). World's first cycle to the South Pole...
  18. oriol

    vintage sailplane take off

    I have heard stories about very unusual ways of taking off during the early years of gliding, the techniques they used seem today Leonardo da vinci state of the art: a wood catapult, people dragging the airplane with a rope. Sadly, I have not been able to found images or original footage from...
  19. oriol

    Siemens Diamond hybrid electric airplane

    I don´t know wich will be the sale price of the airplane, or if this is just a prototype. However according to the video the range of the airplane is equivalent to the reciprocating version while reducing the fuel consumption (depending on the source video claims 45% other links 25%) and saving...
  20. oriol

    paraglider pilot attacked by eagles

    I red this on the net, apparently it happened on 2007. I was surprised because it was the first time I heard about eagles attacking paragliders. From what I know from a sailor friend gulls can too be dangerous. I have heard of cases in Spain in wich vultures non finding any dead animal have...