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  1. Detego

    Airfoil Investigation Database

    Airfoil Investigation Database - Search I've noticed that the "worldofkrauss.com" has been down for more then one week.
  2. Detego

    Mirage 2000 fighter - flyover - destroys glass building in Brazil

    The building of the Supreme Court, glass facade was destroyed on Sunday morning, when two Mirage 2000 fighters of the Brazilian Air Force, made a low flights over the "Three Powers Square" in Brasilia.
  3. Detego

    Detego's electric trike

    I've used an Electric Trike for three years to commute around Town - one charge is good for 70 miles - that charge on average last me 5 days; however the "Lipo Pack" can be charged daily. Note the Lipo's are housed in an aluminum container and separated into compartments. I've never had an...
  4. Detego

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Bugatti 100, 1937 not air cooled (Louis D. de Monge, aerodynamist for Ettore Bugatti)