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    Swaged Studs on Control Cables.

    Their literature states 1200 lbs for the 1/8" ends.
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    Making a firewall

    This will help with weight for some metals: http://www.aalco.co.uk/online-tools/weight-calculator/
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    New single seat experimental

    Don't forget Comelli -- 3,000 psi compressed air.
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    Auto Engines Aren't Designed to Take Full Power for More Than a Few Minutes...

    25 years ago I visited the Ford engine factory in Cleveland, Ohio. They had a test cell that had a v-8 running with glowing red exhaust manifolds -- it was being run at wide open throttle and low manifold vacuum. I was told that the test run lasted 24 hours and they 'never' had a failure.
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    New single seat experimental

    I've got a Comelli (compressed air at 3,000psi) that I got from NM Trikes in ABQ. Good guy to deal with and I like the idea of using air. Anyplace that has a high-pressure compressor (SCUBA shops, fire departments, welding gas companies) can repressurize it.
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    Understanding Induced Drag

    I have a PDF file of Hoerner's book and it's too big to attach here. If anyone wants a copy, I'll try to email it.
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    Valve Problem

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    2 Stroke Cylinder & Case Porting for more HP!

    FWIW, regular JB Weld is OK up to 650*F. I've used it in VW cylinder heads, repairing 'overzealous' porting and polishing. No, not in the combustion chamber, nor the exhaust port.
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    Minimax wings on an Affordaplane

    Well, sure it would be easier, but it wouldn't be as much fun as building yer A-Plane!!
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    Minimax wings on an Affordaplane

    I would want to look inside a 15-y/o wing. I looked at some drawings and pix of the MM wings and now see why you don't just move the attach straps up. How about making a plate, square (the size of the height of the spar), with a 'strap' (same width and thickness as the original mounting strap)...
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    BREAKING NEWS! Complete Exhaust Stack Re-Design

    That's almost as pretty as the El Camino!
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    Post Conversion - Crank Rotation Tight

    You can use plastigage on the cam, also. And for gear backlash and other things like that.
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    Minimax wings on an Affordaplane

    Lee, could you move the attach straps down, to the lower part of the spar?
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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    Preach, Reverend Andy!!! Amen, Brother!
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    Strut fairing installation options

    Well, it's been a couple years -- what did you find out, please?
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    Minimax wings on an Affordaplane

    And, FWIW, the aoi of the A-plane is 1.1*
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    Miles Adventurer / Adventure Air Adventurer HULL Cheap

    Happy Miles, the guy who did the Adventure Air thing, is still active on Facebook. You can find him there, and maybe get some information.
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Uh, guys -- I had a VW shop for 15 years, rebuilt a bunch of air-cooled engines. Other than exhaust valves, the only other part I would NIVVER re-use was the cam and lifters. They are a high-wear item, they're not all that expensive, and new cam and lifters is the only way to go. And you'll...
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    1/3 scaled affordaplane

    Well, there sure a lot of flying AffordAPlane videos on U-tube