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  1. base363

    supporting a long run push pull tube

    I have a project with long push-pull aileron controls. In mocking up, I realized the tube droops to contact the drag brace. Thinking I need to support, (hang) the tube mid-way. Anyone else experienced or solved this problem?
  2. base363

    STOL King project

  3. base363

    Steel tube fuselage DVD

  4. base363

    DMA engine tachometer

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this tach? Maybe a PDF manual?
  5. base363

    Christmas - New Years Sale (Steel Tube Construction DVD)

    Enter code JRE13 in the notes and receive a $10 discount on my Steel Tube Aircraft Construction DVD. Offer good through January 5, 2014. Thanks! Index
  6. base363


    I had to order a couple tools from Aircraft Tool and Supply Co. so I finally broke down and bought a stick of BOELUBE. http://www.aircraft-tool.com/shop/detail.aspx?PRODUCT_ID=BL70200-13&ReturnPage=/shop/flyer.aspx?PageNo=1 Used it on the band saw blade tonight and it really made a...
  7. base363

    tail brace wires

    Looking for a set of tail brace wires. Colin http://www.jumprunenterprises.com
  8. base363


    Hey Everyone! I’m currently building a STOL King, offered by Preceptor Aircraft, from plans. The STOL King is kind of a cross between a Fieseler Storchand Piper Super Cub. It has fixed leading-edge slats, aluminum wing ribs, and a steel tube fuselage with fabric covering. I’m a...
  9. base363

    Steel Tube Construction DVD

    This DVD covers modern techniques, for old-school builders! http://www.jumprunenterprises.com
  10. base363

    Zinc Chromate Alternative

    Group: Does anyone have any experience using Cortec Primer - VCI-373? Supposedly, it's a great alternative to zinc chromate. (Cleans up with water, and has no toxic vapors) Thanks, Colin http://www.jumprunenterprises.com
  11. base363

    Airframe Construction DVD

  12. base363

    Steel Tube Construction DVD

    About the Video: There are volumes of information available regarding the construction of tube and fabric aircraft. Unfortunately, most of this information is geared toward older techniques and traditional welding methods. This DVD covers the techniques that I would recommend to a new...