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  1. base363

    supporting a long run push pull tube

    This should work. Or something close to this.
  2. base363

    supporting a long run push pull tube

    I have a project with long push-pull aileron controls. In mocking up, I realized the tube droops to contact the drag brace. Thinking I need to support, (hang) the tube mid-way. Anyone else experienced or solved this problem?
  3. base363

    Steel tube fuselage DVD

    Thanks steveair! I appreciate that. Not sure about another video, but maybe?
  4. base363

    STOL King project

  5. base363

    Steel tube fuselage DVD

  6. base363

    DMA engine tachometer

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this tach? Maybe a PDF manual?
  7. base363

    Christmas - New Years Sale (Steel Tube Construction DVD)

    Enter code JRE13 in the notes and receive a $10 discount on my Steel Tube Aircraft Construction DVD. Offer good through January 5, 2014. Thanks! Index
  8. base363

    For Sale Lycoming O-290 four in to one exhaust $125

    do you still have this exhaust? thanks
  9. base363

    tig welder set up

    If you are considering the Henrob, I would also look at the Meco Midget. Very nice torch that is much smaller than the Henrob. The controls are up front, so you can adjust the flame as you weld. I have never used the Henrob, but it's size is something I have heard can be troublesome in tight...
  10. base363

    tig welder set up

    I spent allot of time trying to figure out what I would go with at home, and ended up buying a Lincoln TIG 185. I have never regretted it. In my opinion, TIG is much easier and faster than Gas. You can start, stop and control the puddle at ease. The time it takes to set-up you GAS flame and the...
  11. base363

    best saw for cutting wood and steel parts??

    Metal Band Saw - Horizontal/Vertical Metal Band Saw This is the one I would get, if you are buying from HF. Speeds are 80, 120, 200. It has a small table that attaches when the saw is in the vertical position. I've had one of these for years and it works just fine. You will need to replace the...
  12. base363

    Best way to make template...

    What I have done in the past, is to trace it out on tracing paper, then cut it out and use a glue stick to attach the piece to cardboard or your hardboard. Index
  13. base363

    best saw for cutting wood and steel parts??

    This is an older page, but the two saws I purchaced here (2005) are still holding up fine. STOL_King_toolspage
  14. base363

    What is the ultimate bush plane?

    This is a nice one. STOL_King_Intro2
  15. base363

    1/2" Hole Saw/Annular Cutter For Notchers?

    If you mark the centerline of the tube on both sides with a welding pencil, you can use a grinder to make good notches. On half inch, I would just use the grinder? For any bigger tubing, Grizzly sells an inexpensive tubing notcher that works great. If you use a mister “cool mist” on the hole...
  16. base363

    Bending .375- .028

    I will use an acetylene bottle sitting sideways in a router table stand. www.jumprunenterprises.com
  17. base363

    How do I Make a Sharp Bend in 4130 Tubing?

    "This is how to do it... from the old master himself:" Looks great! Where at in SD are you guys?
  18. base363

    How do I Make a Sharp Bend in 4130 Tubing?

    I saw what you used. You certainly can spend more in tools and technology, and whatever makes you feel comfortable. I'm just saying that many airplanes were built without. www.jumprunenterprises.com
  19. base363

    How do I Make a Sharp Bend in 4130 Tubing?

    I would agree that if your bending a single piece of tube, you should be able to do it on the table cold. All you need is some sort of plywood bending jig. If you are bending the two sides of the fuselage to the tail post, using heat is the common "old school" practice...
  20. base363

    How do I Make a Sharp Bend in 4130 Tubing?

    The way I would do this, is to heat the area to be bent to cherry red, and bend slowly. Focus more heat on the inside of the bend than the outside. You can do this on the table with the tubing jigged in place. Make sure to protect the table top with a thin piece of steel. Practice on...