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    Have you Built a Hangar from 2 Shipping Containers?

    I'm not sure if this is the right discussion area, but I'm building a 45' long by 60' wide hangar from two 45' long shipping containers and connecting them with steel arches. Has anyone personally ever done this before? If so, I have some questions for you!
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    How much height do floats add to a plane?

    How much extra height do floats add to a plane? Example: I was looking at building a Zenith 801. The plane is 10' tall. How tall will it be if I put floats on it? This is important in how tall of a hangar door I need.
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    Building my Own Hangar - Do you have any recommendations?

    Does anyone recommend a type of hangar to build? Does anyone recommend building a hangar or should I just contract that out? DIY: Quonset Huts are easy to put up and cheap, but the style clashes with my house. I was thinking of making a hangar with Versatube (www.versatube.com), but I have...
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    Hangar Door Companies

    Hello. Does anyone recommend a company that sells hangar doors? Looking for bi-parting hangar doors but will consider other types. I am more interested in manual versions or ones that can open both manual and automatically. Thanks in advance.
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    Fastest Kit Aircraft I can Buy Now

    What is the fastest kitplane I can buy on the market right now? Something actively being sold.
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    Quad City Challenger II Build Time

    What is the realistic build time for a Quad City Challenger II w/ floats?
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    Lowest Build Time Aircraft

    What are the lowest build time aircraft that still look like an actual aircraft? (Note: I don't consider tube aircraft like the QuickSilver) I was thinking of: 1. Mini-Max 2. FP-303 What others?
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    Latest Version of the Hornet Gyrocopter Plans

    Hello, I am looking for the latest Hornet GyroCopter plans. The latest I could find on the web is Version 13.2. However, I know there is at least a Version 14 out there. Does anyone have them or where I could get them? Reference: Gyroplanes, gyrocopters and gyrogliders
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    FAA Regulations Regarding Control Surfaces

    Hello. Will someone point me to the FAA regulation regarding how the control stick has to be connected to the control surfaces? Does it have to be a mechanical connection? Could I simply have the yoke hooked up to wires, which then transmit a signal to a servo which moves the rudder? I can't...
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    Aircraft Hangar Construction

    Hi everyone! I'm attempting to build an aircraft hangar. Does anyone have any recommendation on what company to use to build a hangar? I want something bare bones, but is enclosed and has an automatic door. Probably 60' by 40' by 15'. I was looking for a kit that I could put up with a...