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    Aileron balance

    I've got a question re. an aileron balance design I saw in a build thread here. The balance weight was put on the end of a pushrod near an internal horn. Q: What happens in a dive?
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    Weight and balance calculator?

    Has anyone ever written up a calculator to allow a person to enter the weights on three LG wheels with a plane not blocked up, the centerline distance between the wheels, and the angular difference from level, that would correct for that, and provide the CG location? I'm guessing this must have...
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    What does your wing weigh?

    After trying several Startpage searches for the as-built weights of covered wings on ultralights, I haven't come up with much. So I'm hoping that people who have at some point weighed their wings might use this thread to help compile an informal set of data points. If you want to share your...
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    Mr. Easy Info?

    In my old stack I found plans for Mr.Easy, a 24' span, Drifter pusher style fuse biplane. Designed 1985 by Lyle Mathews. Anybody have any info on this one -- any ever built, flown, photos, mentions, experiences, hearsay, etc.?
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    True ultralights?

    I started building a Ragwing Parasol many years ago, but stopped with the fuselage, tailfeathers, ribs, LG and spars built but uncovered when I moved North from Florida. It's been hanging in the barn for 15 years. I've lately been thinking about building a UL again, but I want it to be a true...
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    Hello from Southern Vermont

    Hello all, by way of introduction, I started a Ragwing Heath Parasol many years ago, but hung it up in the barn after marriage and the birth of a daughter. A friend asked about it with an eye towrds possibly buying an engine and starting his own project. As I looked it over the other day, the...