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    New designs

    How frequently can we expect kitplane companies to release new aircraft models? Perhaps Lancair V or Glasair IV?
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    Painting options

    I understand that white has been the standard paint finish for years now and many experimental kit planes are painted white. Would it be a bad idea to paint composite surfaces any other color. Black maybe?
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    Prop transparency

    Do propellers propose any hinderance to vision in a single engine plane? The few times I've been in small aircraft, the prop seems to fade to a reasonable blur but that's just from a noob-passenger perspective...
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    Why the visual difference?

    Why is it that we can never seem to get anything like this: ...to look as sleek and sexy and this: I understand that aircraft must conform to the needs of aerodynamics but why is it so hard to find a plane that is as visually appealing as a sports car? I love planes and all but most of them...
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    Squeezing speed

    What are some of the tricks we see used at air races to pull some speed into an aircraft? It's not just a contest of who can strap on a bigger engine, is it?
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    Big or small?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a larger aircraft (Relative Queen/King Air size) and a smaller aircraft (1-2 place)? What should be expected in terms of performance vs. luxury?
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    No, the engine isn't broken...

    In terms of compression ratios, is anything below 10:1 acceptable? At what point does the engine stop working?
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    Scaling down existing designs

    Might it be possible to construct a smaller version of an existing plane using scaled-down plans? (Taking into consideration all of the necessary changes to be made when shrinking a design, of course.)
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    In terms of engines, is less more?

    From what I've researched, I understand that singles and twins offer hardly any difference in safety. So what do you gain from twin engines? Speed? Useful load?
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    Have any of these features ever been incorperated into a homebuilt?

    To my knowledge, home built aircraft consist primarily of small, low cost designs. But have any of the following features ever been realized in the home built field? 1. Seating exceeding two passengers 2. Pressurized cabins 3. Fly by wire 4. Multiple power plants 5. Weight (up to several...