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    Hummel Windwagon

    Hi team. I'm looking at a second-hand project (auction) of an un-flown and stored Hummel Windwagon. I get to physically check it out later today. It has the plans with it and it's a tail-dragger. Has anyone looked at what's involved with converting it to a trike undercarriage? The condition...
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    Wanted - Baker Bobcat / Supercat plans

    Anyone with a set of plans & construction guide? Are you willing to package them up and post them to New Zealand (standard US Postal is fine)? Happy to pay by Paypal... Many thanks, Pete
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    Hummelbird - the original. Trailer-width

    First post here... I've searched everywhere and I can't find the measurements. There's a Hummelbird in my country for sale on a local auction website. Deceased-estate. Mossler 40hp trike-u/c and it was flying before being parked in a hangar a few years ago. Now... does anyone know the real...