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    I/2 VW propeller wanted

    I need a propeller suitable for a Global 1/2 VW engine 3 1/8" dia pcd 4 mounting holes. around 52 dia 24" pitch.or there abouts .I am in Torrance Ca willing to pay shipping. Malcolm 310 697 9845.......or email motmaluk@msn.com thanks for looking.....
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    Plywood ply direction question

    My plans call for the box spars to have 45 degree plywood either side of the caps, what would be the result of using 90 degree plywood instead? It is half the cost of 45 degree, ( asking for a friend...)
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    For Sale Los Angeles Craigslist

    Oct 23 KFM 107 Ultralight engine $950 (Torrance)
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    Cable pulley tensioner/mount

    My Flying flea plans call for the 90 degree bend in the cable run to pass thru a bent tube. Although it would be liberally greased I prefer a conventional pulley system. I have a hatred of those brass turnbuckle devices so I cobbled together this combined pulley mount and tensioner. The pulley...
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    Flying Flea plans.

    Hi, I am about 25 per cent into building an ultralight Flying Flea, I purchased the Falconer plans years ago and also have the original one sheet Mignet ones and the recent " Nest of Dragons " translated plans. I am finding the Falconer plans very short on details such as the metal...