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  1. cavelamb

    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Not a good choice at all. Look at the difference in propellers. Continental A-65 vs VW
  2. cavelamb

    Tubular boom from sheet?

    \ Not true. The spars and center section have always been extruded tube.
  3. cavelamb

    Aluminum Tube & Gusset Airbike / Legal Eagle / Parasol Thread

    GZ, that one looks like it's straight off of Graham Lee's plans.
  4. cavelamb

    Aluminum Tube & Gusset Airbike / Legal Eagle / Parasol Thread

    Just a note to point out that the Texas Parasol does not use riveted aluminum tube in the fuselage structure. The fuselage is built using extruded 6061-T6 aluminum angle - overlap joints and driven rivets. While this may be a little heavier than pop-riveted aluminum tube, the weight difference...
  5. cavelamb

    Plans format preferences and pricing

    I sold plans for a few years, until it became more hassle than it was worth. In three years they brought in about $12,000. But I never thought of it as a "business". And still don't. The real measure of success is seeing planes get built and flown. Now, twenty years later, I still hear from...
  6. cavelamb

    Horizontal tail construction

    It all depends on the actual CG location, and that can change in flight. For instance, burning off fuel from forward or aft fuel tanks... Moving the CG aft will LIGHTEN the load on the tail regardless of speed. Moving the CG forward will increase the load on the tail.
  7. cavelamb


    A lot has changed in printer technology in the last decade or so. Color printing and photographic prints are the rage. And that's okay. But we've lost some capability as well. The old Epson dot matrix printers and Window printer drivers (up to Win 98) could print to within .01 inches. That's...
  8. cavelamb

    How far are we from the perfect electric "homebuilt" ?

    I haven't follow the whole thread, Are thee any links to the motors that are being used?
  9. cavelamb

    Experience with Polini engines?

    Moderator Note: Brought this out from the Scratch-Build a VW thread, as it's a worthwhile question but off-topic for that original thread. /Note. -------------------------- While the masses here are still trying to figure out how to build a VW, I'm trying to find a replacement for the VW...
  10. cavelamb

    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Yep. We (Bob and I) argued VW philosophy a lot back then. He could be really condecending when he wanted to be, and he had a way of expressing himself. But he never finished his engine.
  11. cavelamb

    Steps to scratch build a VW

    What a lovely airplane!
  12. cavelamb

    Steps to scratch build a VW

    No, it was my last Texas Parasol project - but highly modified for the heavy engine. An additional 15 inch bay was added to the aft end of the fuselage. The airplane was built as an engine test bed for this engine. I had plans on using it in a faster machine later on. But that never came to...
  13. cavelamb

    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Yes. But also cooling the oil is just as important. This is how I worked out those two details on a 2180. The oil pump was replaced with an oil filter adapter. The simple debris screen of the automotive engine is not at all adequate. IMHO. I've seen oil coolers with many feet of hose running...
  14. cavelamb

    Vertical bonding joints.

    since no one has said it... The three viscosities I use are 1) maple syrup. 2) mayonnaise, 3) peanut butter. In your example mayonnaise should work well
  15. cavelamb

    Dormoy Bathtub Wings Thought Experiment

    We've thinned and tapered aluminum extrusion - on a table say with a carbide blade. Then use a belt sander to clean up the cut edge. All I can say is wear ear and eye protection. Please!
  16. cavelamb

    Dormoy Bathtub Wings Thought Experiment

    The blue one was built by Chuck Beeson back in the mid 90s. The wing is the same one used for the Texas Parasol :) 2" x .058 tube spars, bent sheet metal compression ribs and foam airfoil ribs. A single strut arrangement just wasn't possible with that wing. But it had a very high speed...
  17. cavelamb

    Retract design

    Found this one on facebook (of all places)... X-Project VooDoo. Sweet. https://www.facebook.com/Revelaero/videos/236845626849880/ For those on Facebook, check out https://www.facebook.com/Revelaero/
  18. cavelamb

    Retract design

    Yeahbut... Can't find any pics or drawings of it
  19. cavelamb

    Retract design

    The worm/spur gear driven arrangement is a lot easier to tweak properly...
  20. cavelamb

    Retract design

    Cozy RG - simple hydraulic cylinder. That's fine for the Cozy but way to heavy for smaller aircraft. http://www.canardaviation.com/PhillipJohnson/General/retractable_gear.htm