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  1. rtfm

    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Hi, I've been quiet on this forum for some time, but now that production of the FleaBike has begun, it's probably time to start a thread, and post some photos. Originally inspired by Fritz' "Ranger" concept, I decided to put mouse to computer screen and produce my own sit-on Flying Flea. This...
  2. rtfm

    Anniversary of Orion's death yesterday

    Hi, As many long-time members on this forum will remember, Orion (Bill Husa) was one of the forum's brightest lights. Extremely knowledgeable, generous with his wisdom, yet extremely patient with newbies. My wife used to say that if Orion said it was OK, I could fly my design, otherwise, no...
  3. rtfm

    Another Flying Flea question

    Hi, I have been corresponding with a Flea afficianado here in QLD Australia. He lives about 2 hours from me, but so far, we haven't met. However, he has strongly criticised my contention that a Flea should have (at most) -1 deg negative pitch, and a max of +12 deg. Most Fleas for which I have...
  4. rtfm

    How much to tighten bolts?

    Hi, A quick question - how much pressure is required to adequately tighten a bolt through Spruce? Recommendations re: washers to spread the load - required? Regards, Duncan
  5. rtfm

    A question for all Flying Flea aficionados

    Hi, My question relates to where along the chord of the front wing to attach the pivot. Some background: In the plans, the front spar is used to anchor the wing pivots (this is eminently sensible since this is the only solid place in the wing). From the plans, the front spar is situated 260mm...
  6. rtfm

    Control linkages geometry

    Hi, I'm hoping someone on the forum can help me with something I just can't figure out... I'm trying to work out how to implement control linkages which need to go round corners. Something like this... Surely there is a well-defined way to arrange the links to accomplish the above? I'm...
  7. rtfm

    Calculating additional lift from deploying flaps

    Hi, I'm sure Raymer covers this in his books (I have both - however I can't follow the math in his big book, and my home-builders version is out on loan). So can anyone help me out? I'm trying to calculate the amount of additional lift per degree if possible, provided by the deployment of...
  8. rtfm

    Junkers flaps with folding wings

    Hi, I'm struggling to figure out how to activate Junkers flaps in a folding wing scenario. With fixed wings, one would just hav e a continuous linkage to the flap itself. But how does one activate the flaps when the wing (or the outer panel of the wing where the flaps live) is either removable...
  9. rtfm

    Anniversary of Mark Stull's death

    Mark Stull - Innovator, intrepid builder, experimenter, and an inspiration to us all. Died today on the maiden flight of his new design. RIP Mark...
  10. rtfm

    SD-1 Forum on Yahoo Groups is looking for a new home

    Hi, As you might know, Yahoo is closing its forum section, and all those airplane groups currently using the Yahoo platform to keep in contact with builders are pretty much being cut off. The SD-1 group is looking for a new home. I suggested they contact homebuiltairplanes.com and suggest the...
  11. rtfm

    Junkers external airfoils on elevator?

    Hi, Another thought experiment: I know that external airfoil flaps/ailerons (ie Junkers style) are very effective, but I have never seen this employed on the elevator. So - what would be the pros/cons of using external airfoils on the elevator? Regards, Duncan
  12. rtfm

    How much pressure needed to deflect flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator?

    Well, I guess the title says it all. Any ideas? Are there specs I can read somewhere for our type of airplane. Not Part 103, but close... Duncan
  13. rtfm

    The Lone Ranger - a Ranger/SD-1/Aeromax based design

    Hi, I got really excited with Fritz' Ranger design, and when he provided the DXF file for the cabin structure, I thought I'd landed in builder heaven. A mostly CNC routed airframe - what could be better? I had found a sub-$500 full-sheet CNC router called the Lowrider2, and ordered it. I also...
  14. rtfm

    A different way to build a wing

    Hi, There are many ways to build a wing: here's a somewhat novel way which is both quick, simple and strong. I must begin by saying that this is a thought experiment, and that I don't (at the moment) actually plan to build this wing. Perhaps further down the track I might give it a try, but...
  15. rtfm

    Euro Fly-in Blois 2012 - GREAT video

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I stumbled across it a while back while checking my saved videos. Simply superb video of dozens of planes at the Blois Fly-in back in 2012. Duncan
  16. rtfm

    Euro Fly-in Blois 2012 - GREAT video

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I stumbled across it a while back while checking my saved videos. Simply superb video of dozens of planes at the Blois Fly-in back in 2012. Duncan <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay...
  17. rtfm

    Plywood stitching construction method

    Hi, I've been reading up on how to build boats using the stitched plywood over bulkheads method. It results in an extremely light yet strong craft, and I was wondering how applicable this method might be for wooden aircraft construction...
  18. rtfm

    Flying Flea vs Argentinian "Pulga" question

    Hi, If you are a member or one or more of the Flying Flea forums, please forgive this cross-post, but those forums seem to be frequented by enthusiasts rather than people interested in the aerodynamics of the Flea. I would really like to initiate a discussion about the wing-gap on Fleas. So...
  19. rtfm

    Is there a way to calculate the lift curve slope vs aspect ratio?

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to calculate the lift curve slope of a wing depending on its aspect ratio. Is there such a beast? Basically the slope value * some factor based on AR. Duncan
  20. rtfm

    lift curve slope vs span?

    Hi, I've been hanging out in the Flying Flea forums for a while, and came across a French article (aren't they all?) which I translated into English and worked my way through. It made for interesting reading, but it uses a weird method for measuring lift coefficients, which they call "100cz"...