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  1. Gray Out

    Compiling Design Tools and Literature

    Hello Orion, Is there any specific "specialty" area that maintains the communities apecific design tools research instead of having them spread out all over the threads as they occur? Something like a "Spreadsheets" section or "Books" section? I ask because I have quite a bit of stuff...
  2. Gray Out

    Hello from NYC

    Hello to everyone. Thanks for the welcome and will see everyone at the pilot lounge soon. I may have posted in the wrong place earlier. Thanks John
  3. Gray Out

    Personal Design

    Hello to one and all. I suppose I'm the new guy in the hangar but an old guy at the airport. I have been doodling around for about a year now and happened to run into this site when I figured there was enough merit in my design to take it to a serious group for some advice and guidance. I am...