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  1. John wadman

    1/2 VW guys, need ideas on mounting.

    Hey everyone, I just got my 1/2 VW Scott Cassler 45 hp and it's set up for rear mount. Has anyone else used this configuration and can you post photos of your motor mounts. Need to steal ideas. Thanks
  2. John wadman

    has anyone used fiberglass laminates for gusset material

    I'm building stick built wing ribs and will run out of 1/16' ply to use for gussets. I have a sheet of fiberglass boat cloth that i laid up of three layers with the weave at 30 degrees and 60 degree to the first layer. Has anybody ever used or know of a plane that has used fiberglass o other...
  3. John wadman

    Patterns and molds for laminating and router cutting parts

    Today I made the mold for the four leading edge sections on the wings of my STOL RW 19. I first made my router patterns for cutting out various pieces of the wings. I used the leading edge pattern to make five ribs sections to make the mold out of. I added 1/2” to the leading edge and then...
  4. John wadman

    Ragwing RW19 wood and fabric Stork (Storch)

    Ran into a glitch today when I went to test the wood samples for strength and failure. I made a test stand to support the various sticks and suspended a 5.5 gallon bucket from the centers and poured sand into the bucket expecting the sticks to fail and crack. 70 lbs of sand and even the solid...
  5. John wadman

    Ragwing RW19 wood and fabric Stork (Storch)

    I'm having problems continuing my build thread. But I'm just going to use the same title and post until someone can help me figure this out. I milled and laminated some 3/4 x 3/4 test pieces today with T88 that I will load test to failure in a few days after the T88 has had awhile to post cure...
  6. John wadman

    Ragwing RW 19 wood and fabric stork (storch)

    Trying to figure out how to continue my build page. This is a test.
  7. John wadman

    Ragwing RW19 wood and fabric Stork (Storch)

    Well, this is my third wood and fabric aircraft. . . kind of. My first was a Light Miniature Aircraft LM something or other. . . it was a two seat Taylorcraft replica which I thought was 87% scale but when I wikipedia it I think it claims it was a 75% replica. Whatever. It was cool, had a...