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    For Sale 2 Seater Chinook Plus 2

    2-SEATER CHINOOK PLUS 2 • $3,000 Chinook Plus 2 (Birdman 2S converted). I bought her 7 mo ago and have only had the Rotax 503 dual carb air-cooled, electric start engine completely rebuilt at Aircore Aviation in Arlington, WA. It has not been broken in yet since rebuilt in July 2017. Includes a...
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    For Sale Russian Antonov AN-2 Biplane Aircraft Airplane*-$12500*(Bonney Lake Area)

    You don't see one of these for sale every day...."Take 12 of your friends flying..." https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/for/6181584971.html
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    For Sale BeLite Skydock Molds for Sale

    I saw this On Barnstormers this evening and thought it was odd, somehow. It seems not too long ago this was a significant addition to the ELSA mileu, and now the production rights are up for sale? What gives?
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    Little Wing Autogyro Tail and Rudder

    This is the famous Little Wing autogyro. Why is the rudder on these so stout? What is going on, aerodynamically, on these that is different from a normal winged airplane?
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    Pioneers of Aviation

    http://chezpeps.free.fr/0/pre-1914/04-151_200-copy_paste_Breguet-Pre-1914-Aircraft-Challenge.html This one reminds me of Deconstructive Architecture or Russian Constructivism. Not sure if it ever flew. It could also be this chap travelled to the future, saw a Soviet Mig and tried to replicate...
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    Lightweight, cheap, cylindrical gas tank?

    Hello all! I am looking for tips on how to construct a 6-8" dia x 42" ethanol-gas proof tank that is lightweight, durable and cheap. At the end of the day it will look like this Under the clear cap will be an LED wig-wag landing light. Any suggestions?
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    Game-changing rotary engine muscles a go-kart

    https://youtu.be/-g4dKZTnxHo http://newatlas.com/liquidpiston-xengine-rotary/43776/?li_source=LI&li_medium=default-widget This is interesting, too.
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    De Pischoff Avonette x 3

    The De Pischoff is a great example of a flying motorcycle. Here is a video of not one, but three! radio controlled full-scale De Pischoff's flying at the same time.
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    Rotax 700 Triple

    Has anyone ever used a Rotax 700 is an airplane?
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    BMW R100 Conversion

    Hi All, I tried under a different title, this one being more direct. Does anyone here have drawings and / or instructions on converting an airhead BMW R100 for aircraft use? I tried reaching out to Hugh, tried contacting the guys who supposedly have templates for machining in Scotland and...
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    For Sale WW Corvair Conversion Manual

    I was going through my books today and found this manual. I don't need it anymore. Maybe someone else can use it. It is not the 2014 version available for $75 on his website, but I bought it in March 2014. I made some notes here and there but all-in-all it is in good shape. I did not build - I...
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    For Sale Craigslist Alert - Bede 5 Complete

    Just saw this and thought someone may be interested. I am not affiliated with the Seller, just saw the ad and am passing it on.... http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/for/5802256721.html
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    For Sale Complete Corvair Conversion

    I have to take care of more immediate priorities and must part with my Corvair engine. I had planned to install it in either a Flybaby or a Tailwind. It is complete - with log book, carb and a new Warpdrive prop. Nitrided crank. According to the previous owner it was built or co-built by William...
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    For Sale Roskam Airplane Design Series 1-7 - $300 (Lynnwood)

    I saw these in our local Craigslist. I would imagine someone has interest... Roskam Airplane Design Series 1-7
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    Corvair Flywheel Coating

    Hello all, I purchased a replacement flywheel for a WW Corvair conversion a while back. It arrived uncoated. The former one was coated with black paint. Does anyone know the best way to coat these - Epoxy, powder coating...? The old one had 100+ hours on it and looked great, so I doubt that i...
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    For Sale Marvel Schebler MA3-SPA Carburetor

    As removed, good shape, part number 10-2971. Pictures are available upon request. I no longer need it, maybe you do? $280 plus shipping. Thanks, Shawn
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    Interesting VP Derivitive

    I am not advertising this Vp for sale, just saw it and found the design interesting. Take a look... http://www.barnstormers.com/cat.php?mode=listing&main=
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    Free Daniel P Raymer Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach

    I ordered a copy from Ebay at a stellar price. It arrived from England in record time but the seller wrapped it in a single layer of brown paper. It was soaked, sitting on my doorstep. I was able to get a replacement copy and was told to keep the wet one. I did my best to dry it out by...
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    What to do with this Bendix Ignition Switch Type EP-E?

    For a reason that made sense a few years ago, but has escaped me now, I bought this ignition switch. It was meant for the Flybaby or a Pober Jr Ace...thought it fit, aesthetically. Now that I am looking at it I wonder if I can even use it? What kind of leads are those on the back? How is it...
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    Marvel Schebler Carbs

    Hello, I have been looking for an MA3 SPA for my Corvair. I noticed there are several model numbers - some used on Lycomings, others on Contis or Franklins. What is the underlying difference in the models? They are all MA3 SPA's. Is there any specific one I should be seeking? WW's manual simply...