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    Suitable airframes for industrial engines?

    There has been a lot of discussion about off the shelf or lightly modified industrial engines. In my google and utube searches most of the aircraft using these motors seem to be trikes and powered parachutes. I am more interested in fixed wing. Are there any existing and suitable airframes out...
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    See the USA in a LSA, Today!!

    One of the things on my bucket list is a solo loop going from Ohio to the west coast along a northern course, then down the west coast. Going east about as far south as possible while staying in the USA. I want to avoid large cities. Keeping things as rural as possible. My question is what kind...
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    For Sale 1/2 VW plans

    I have 3 different 1/2 vw plans The Better half from Milholland, Hummel and Flight Specialties I think all are postmarked 1992 $65 for all three shipped, USA only , will not separate at that price.
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    Is it worth anything?

    I have a Sensenich propeller 76x60 model M76EMM that I got with an O320-160HP That I bought 20 plus years ago. No log or paperwork and I don't know any more about it than that. Looks to be in fair condition except for a minor? divot an inch and a half from the tip on the leading edge it appears...
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    Radial in a Plymouth

    Today the Oct issue of Hot Rod arrived. On the cover is a 39 Plymouth pickup, powered by a Jacobs radial, Done in an airplane theme, bare meal. plenty of solid rivets with an airplane interior including dual yokes for a steering wheel. And while we talk on here about how to convert an auto...
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    Engine selection=VW or 582?

    Lets say you are building a design that could be flown with either a vw or a Rotax 582 which would you choose and why. Is there anyone who has had both on the same plane?
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    Mohawk 1:1

    About 20 years ago I bought a set of plans for an Avid/Kitfox clone called MoHawk 1:1 They came in a 8 1/2 x 11 soft bound book. Printed by a guy named Ron Walker. Anybody know of any ever being built?
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    Books by German WWII pilots?

    Now that winters here I have been catching up on my reading. WWII flying stories right now. Does anyone recall the titles of books written by German or Japanese pilots?
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    Flyboys, the movie

    I saw the new movie Flyboys last weekend. If you like WWI, biplanes, action and dogfights. Its a must see!!! Its the best movie I've seen in a long time.
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    RV 4 Lite

    I have been seriuosly looking at the Sport Pilot catagory. But there isnt anything that suits exactly what I want. I really like Vans RV4. It has an empty weight listed of just over 900 pounds. Gross at 1500 If I were to use an O-200 instead of an O-320 and say titanuim gear legs build it...
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    Adding folding wings

    I'm thinking about building a plane to fit the new sport pilot cat. I have a set of plans for a Christava MK 1. How hard would it be to incorporate folding wings. I have looked at a number of kit planes in the same gross wt range and it looks like it would be doable. Am I missing something here?
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    Is there an out of the bottle glue suitable for a wooden sportplane? I have the EAAs books on homebuilding but the text is somewhat dated. As there are a lot of newer products on the market. Some time ago I built a verticle fin for a Mini Max using T88 I'm sure its strong stuff but it was a mess...
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    Tri Gear Cub

    When the rules for the upcoming sport pilot class are finished I plan to start either a Christiava or a J3 clone. The only changes I'd make would be to make sure it fits the class. But I would like to fit a tri gear. I have tailwheel experience but just prefer a trigear. Has anyone ever seen a...