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  1. blane.c

    Can you clear this up?

    Literally, it is blurry. Or a link to a clean copy. Thanks.
  2. blane.c

    Carbon Fiber 3-D printing

    Print strong, heat-resistant metal replacement parts. https://pages.makerbot.com/METHODCarbonFiberQuoteRequest.html?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20-WW-PRO-METHODCarbonFiberQuoteRequest&utm_content=CADIMENSIONS
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    Rolls-Royce Electric Airplane

    Rolls-Royce Claims Its Latest Electric Airplane Battery Has The World’s Highest Energy Density https://cleantechnica.com/2020/01/29/rolls-royce-claims-its-latest-electric-airplane-battery-has-the-highest-energy-density/
  4. blane.c

    Understanding Polars Without Math

    My new book came in today "Understanding Polars Without Math" A guide to getting the most from polar diagrams by Bill and Bunny Kuhlman. It is providing sense from chaos for me and I recommend it to anyone looking for clarification of polars. Now the math makes sense. I found reference to the...
  5. blane.c

    Design a Electric Aircraft.

    A place to start. To see if there is interest. (1) Determine and understand the rules it will be flown under. (a) glider (b) airplane (c) other (d) single place (e) two place (f) more than two place (g) single motor (h) multi motor (I) fixed pitch propeller (j) in flight adjustable...
  6. blane.c

    Magneto source

    Just came across this wandering around and thought it might interest some. http://rebuiltmags.com/index.php
  7. blane.c

    Wag Aero looking for welder fabricator

    On there home page is posting. https://www.wagaero.com/
  8. blane.c

    Oxygen concentrators

    Has anyone given any thought to oxygen concentrators in the cockpit? I don't know what oxygen systems weigh, a concentrator I looked at weighs 36lbs requires up to 350 watts 120ac, so 30 amp 12v plus the weight and inefficiency of a inverter. There are probably better and worse ones, this one...
  9. blane.c

    850cc water cooled engine 42 kilo's out of the box Chinese of course.

    Always looking, this is new (to me) even though it is rated for higher power at higher RPM it still makes around 35hp@3600RPM and at 42kilos out of the box has some possibilities. http://english.gkengine.com/a/product/shijie/engine/2016/0622/38.html They also have a 1000cc that looks very similar.
  10. blane.c

    Tri-Mower Design

    Tri-Mower. Starting to get a bead on it. Basically (believe it or not) it is a take off from the VP-3. The forward pilot position is in practical terms just a weight and balance (W&B) swap for the original concepts VW engine. While the 49ci industrial rear engine and the at this time hard to...
  11. blane.c

    Thomas Sopwith Documentary

    Thomas Sopwith Documentary
  12. blane.c

    Primer substitute? Lumidize® Aqueous Pretreatment

    Ultimate Paint Adhesion: Lumidize® Aqueous Pretreatment Low toxicity, fast-cycle electroplated pretreatment maximizes adhesion of paints/powders by chemically binding them to the substrate. Binds any conductive surface to epoxy/urethane topcoats. Exceptional anti-corrosion for vehicle...
  13. blane.c

    Webinar - Composites and Graphene: Stronger Together

    Webinar tue. the 9th. https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6526916926649538316?source=email2
  14. blane.c

    ADS-B free webinar

  15. blane.c

    Interested in "stealth navigation?"

    This briefly touch's on several other transmitted frequency's including HAARP. http://www.vlf.it/zevs/zevs.htm
  16. blane.c

    Cool Drone balloon thing.

    I'll be sleeping better now. https://www.unmannedsystemstechnology.com/2019/09/tactical-unmanned-aerostats-delivered-for-border-security/?utm_source=Unmanned+Systems+Technology+Newsletter&utm_campaign=d9b09c3b07-eBrief_2019_01_Oct&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6fc3c01e8d-d9b09c3b07-119755773
  17. blane.c

    Interesting ADS-B 73 grams

    Spendy. https://uavionix.com/product/ping200s/?utm_source=Unmanned%20Systems%20Technology%20Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=d9b09c3b07-eBrief_2019_01_Oct&utm_term=0_6fc3c01e8d-d9b09c3b07-119755773
  18. blane.c

    EAA new online builders log

    introduction Sept 24. http://pages.eaa.org/WBN2019-09-24EAAsNewOnlineBuildersLog_LP-Registration.html
  19. blane.c


    Some might think this to be the subject of my expertise'. But I have just begun. I found a nice one at grabcad that works with solidworks. https://grabcad.com/library/human-body-dimensions-1 It is scalable and helps.