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    What's this?

    I saw a picture of this and don't recognize it. I think it may be a drawing and not real. It's claimed to be a drone seen in Australia.
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    Hemp aircraft

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    Magnet motor

    magnet motor, on sale soon
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    Vtol/plane cycle

    Takeoff and land as a vtol, fly like a plane, fans at 45 deg in plane mode, give thrust and lift and make an easy transition
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    The Vulcan Howl

    The loudest, most powerful sounding plane on Earth: http://youtu.be/Yry2LnaNeXc http://youtu.be/YzdtYU7i_jY http://youtu.be/3WL46N60ZWI
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    Watch this

    http://youtu.be/g3zAZpWFsuU But it's a lot nicer if you turn the sound of on that one and listen to the music on this one http://youtu.be/n5AVJV-9C6s
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    Torpedos with Wings - race plane

    Inspired by the twin fuselage race plane thread ... So it looks like what we need is a two seater torpedo with wings
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    Mountain plane

    Hi everyone. Now that I've sold my aluminum vette engine and moved to the Southern Ecuadorian mountain wilderness I've started to think of what kind of special plane would be possible to use around here. It has special needs due to the location it's designed for. There are no small airports...
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    Ultralight rules in Ecuador

    I'm now living in Ecuador and would like to know what kinds of laws they have here concerning building and flying ultralight aircraft. If anyone knows please enlighten me.
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    For Sale Dragonfly, VeriEze, Javelin Ford plans for sale

    I have the following unused plans for sale: Javelin Ford I4, V6, & belt PSRU planset Viking Dragonfly Rutan VeriEze I have no idea what they might be worth so please make your bids public on this thread. Thanks, Starman
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    Night Fury

    Something like this Name: Night Fury 2 seats side by side seating airline style first class seating 52" cockpit width at shoulders 72" cockpit width at elbows (inside strakes) welded aluminum tube frame and main spar center section plug in composite wings removable boom tubes w optional long...
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    Auto conversions forum

    A minor thing, but the auto conversions forum used to have a notification of new posts on the home page and now it doesn't. Is it possible to change that back?
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    Ocean altitude limit?

    If I understand it correctly, there is an altitude limit for GA aircraft operating visual over the continental US, but is there an altitude limit out over intercontinental ocean? You know, like to keep from getting smashed across the front of some airliner or Learjet.
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    Aerostar 3 view

    I've been able to find 3 view scale drawings of just about any plane I was interested in but I haven't been able to find one of the Aerostar 600/601, very strange. There's a side view out there but I'm specifically looking for the top view so I can get a plan of the wings. What terms would you...
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    Wanted X Plane model needed

    If anyone out there likes to make these 3D computer models and would like to do my design let me know. Also X plane, $$ for good one. Edited to change title.
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    Wanted Aerostar 600/601 wings

    I want to buy a used Aerostar wing and horizontal tail also if possible, the wing with landing gear installed. Barring that I want to get some tapered wings from a 4 to 6 seat fast airplane, no Cessna wings, for example. Possibly something like an Aero Commander 112, Navion, etc, but first...
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    Pressurizing ram air scoop

    I would like to supercharge the engine as much as possible with forward motion, let's assume 250mph or more. What kind of scoop shape would give the biggest pressure boost to the engine with the least airframe drag? Probably a slot at the wing and/or tail leading edges, right? Or a round...
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    Mechanical propeller pitch control

    I searched here and goggled it. Why aren't there any mechanical pitch controls for airplane propellers but there are on helicopter rotors?
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    Tandem Wing Pusher

    This is an idea for a tandem wing pusher aircraft with the primary design goal being minimum wing sizes. To achieve minimum wing sizes both wings are lifting and most of the area of both wings contain large flaps, the front flap is also the pitch control. The center of gravity is a little...
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    what's your desktop picture?

    Here's my current desktop pic.