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    change axle...

    Just weld the right size axle chunks over it, clip wing taylorcrafts had a sketch to put a 1.25 stub for the outer bearing and axle nut on the shinn axles.
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    Successful Auto Conversion Trials, Tribulations and Tips

    Look at the Canadian Northstar cooling package. It has the radiator under the spinner up front.
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    Do airboat gear drives really work?

    Can you post or send pics of your engine installation?
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    Do airboat gear drives really work?

    I visited Ballistic Gear Boxes manufacturing facilities a few months back on a driving trip. They are very willing to work with exp aircraft. Was quoted $4400 for an aircraft box. Looked like a good heavy duty box. Yes heavy 78lbs.
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    Procedure for Spar lamination?

    Is compressed wood even available commercially? I’ve looked a few times and have not found any suppliers.
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    SDS at Oshkosh 2019

    CPI-2? Have you revised it?
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    V - Witt / Witts V

    Prop drive was welded aluminium sheet with a shaft and bearing line the v8 conversion. GreatPlanes sold a cast housing and shaft with rubber damper. The wing tips lowered the flutter speed on the v-witt. Madr the wings more limber.
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    LS3 Misfire

    How much time on the engine? My v8 likes to build deposits on the exhaust stems that make for miss fires. Marvel Mystery oil keeps it away.
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    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    And all up powerplant weight, radiators, drive prop, coolant, 356lbs.
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    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    Interesting discussion. I have a bit of experience on the direct drive side as i have a v8 tailwind. It is 300 inch olds, resleved and 300b crank. 10.5 to 1 cr. It produces about 160hp at 2800 rpm. I am seeing about 185 mph at 8000ft density alt. 2800 rpm 10.5 gal/hr. Tom
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    davis da-5

    I'd like a set of plans Please tmsiegler@gmail dot com
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    Spencer Original Design

    The o200 aluminum props usually run 20-24 lbs. Same for o235. Thats one of the big hits by going to an o320 on light aircraft the 320 props hit 30-35 lbs. Also the carbon props have more vibration issues than a certified aluminum combo. I have 2 of the McCauley props for future projects they...
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    Spencer Original Design

    another thought on the cg issue. rather than change out the tail right away. try an aluminum prop. the best one I can think of was what was on my clipped wing tcart. a McCauley 7154 that was for a Grumman AA-1. the o200 would turn it up to 2850 wot. and something like 130 mph. the tcart is a lot...
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    Spencer Original Design

    I was considering certified stuff. I've seen both of those,( at least early ones) that get bent up pretty easily on stuff a cub or champ or tcart would have had no issue going through.
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    Spencer Original Design

    To see a minimalist fuselage truss look at the piper vagabond truss and landing gear. That said the monocoupe probably has the lightest truss for a 2 seat plane.
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    Spencer Original Design

    Well, to sell the 110 you'd need customers. If people would pay for it, it would sell. Yes it has some not normal handling but that's just training. Ive only got your first pics to work off. from the front of the H=stab you have 3 sets vert members. the first set of vertical tubes are probably...
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    Spencer Original Design

    Neat looking airplane. it has a lot of extra structure in it. have you come up with a new tail yet? Look at the 110 monocoupe you originally talked about it has a much smaller tail than a 90 monocoupe but it was arrived at with testing. Tom