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    A California nail gun...

    We may be very out of touch, culturally. I believe that you are interpreting "Win" in a very different context than I am. Standard definition: Win - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary My intention: A word with a very broad syntax of usage, generally indicating that...
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    Continetal Vs Lycoming

    Nothing to do with their engines but I like Lycoming's website much more. Continental doesn't tell you anything. They give the impression that they've gone out of business.
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    Aiplane sale scam?

    For somebody involved so deep in aviation as to own an airplane, that guy's got pretty poor english. That's one way to tell a scam. I would also like to point out the very fact that he feels the need to describe the whole exchange process beforehand. Any eBay user should be able to figure that...
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    White Lightning

    Mr. Mathiew has to give up those plans at some point... What does he want in return?
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    Repainting N-Numbers

    Have you considered repainting the number in 1/2 scale on the vertical stabilizer? Other than that you may need special permission.
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    Fastest Light Sport Airplane?

    If it's speed you want, stay away from the light sport category. Far away.
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    Which planes have the quietest cabins?

    Have you considered one of these: I trust that your ears will be thanking you! Following only a single flight in a Thunderscreetch you won't have to worry about hearing any aircraft noise ever again!
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    New Corvus (Red Bull) racer

    *Finishes setting Corvus as background* I can't wait to see that thing in action. The wings seem to be mounted just a touch higher than the 540 and MXS.
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    A California nail gun...

    Win --> Man Crashes Plane Into Texas I.R.S. Office - NYTimes.com
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    Engine Power to aircraft weight ratio?

    Then I suppose that (as nothing else is changed) more horse power can only mean more acceleration and a faster climb. If anything else is to change in terms of performance many parts must be replaced. No?
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    Air vents?

    Are you good with your hands? Try making your own. We all know that if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.
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    Flying Car

    Yeah, they're called "Airplanes".
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    Engine Power to aircraft weight ratio?

    This gets me thinking. I've never understood the principle behind more power to thrust. Why does a more powerful engine, with the same prop and RPM, produce more power thrust than a smaller one?
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    homebuilt twins

    (Pardon the rude nature) Or you could forget about the fear of engine failure altogether and take a single. Look at the statistics! Just keep in mind that no matter what you do, you still die in the end.:para: You might be interested in looking at turbine or wankel singles.
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    Why the visual difference?

    I guess it depends on who's driving it. Safety isn't guaranteed but it's still an option.
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    Why the visual difference?

    cool----------------------Check good looking plane ------Check that is fast----------------Yes has good performance---Most definitely that is cheap to build-----For someone like me, the price is worth it sips fuel------------------Don't care, I'm willing to pay more for fuel (no joke) is easily...
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    New designs

    How frequently can we expect kitplane companies to release new aircraft models? Perhaps Lancair V or Glasair IV?
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    What do you do with your plane?

    Fix'd :whistle:
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    Painting options

    I understand that white has been the standard paint finish for years now and many experimental kit planes are painted white. Would it be a bad idea to paint composite surfaces any other color. Black maybe?
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    Why the visual difference?

    I was just at one today lol. I've never seen so many people at my local airport! Most of them tended to gather around the Corsairs but even the Cessna Corvalis stand drew a lot of attention.