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    PSRU rating adjustment for RPM?

    The Autoflight "small V8, 1.9 ratio" PSRU as used on most Titan T-51s powered by LS3s is rated at 300hp at 6000 rpm. What is it rated at at 4500 rpm? Is it a linear relationship, so 240hp? I gather it is the strength of each pulse that matters, so you have to adjust the rating downward for...
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    Anyone have info on Jihostroj prop governor?

    My Titan T-51 has a Chevy LS3 engine, Autoflight PSRU, and Jihostroj governor. The governor shares oil with the PSRU rather than the engine. The governor started to stick because the PSRU had a bearing installed off center, so it disintegrated and filled the oil with metal debris. My question...
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    Reflections on the 2nd anniversary of my ownership of a T-51

    REFLECTIONS ON THE OCCASION OF MY SECOND ANNIVERSARY WITH T-51 LADY ELAINE At the end of this month it will be 2 years since I purchased my Titan T-51 Lady Elaine, at which time it had been at the Titan hangar for 18 months undergoing the upgrade to the GM LS3 430 motor and “small” Autoflight...
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    Does this hole significantly weaken this structure?

    Someone who worked at Titan Aircraft informed me that another workman had mistakenly drilled a hole in the aileron box of one wing while the wing was being repaired. I measure a 1/2" hole that does not appear to me to significantly weaken the structure. The piece has about 34 hrs on it since...
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    another Autoflight gearbox failure - this time after 34 hrs

    No, this is not the same Autoflight gearbox that failed at 43 hrs. My LS3 430-equipped Titan T-51 flew from Ohio to Los Angeles at 180 KIAS without problems, taking about 12 hrs at 3000 rpm at 22 inches MAP. But after half an hour here the prop governor began to hunt, so the plane was landed...