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    For Sale Bucker 131 Jungman project for sale

    Thanks for the link! I looked for a biplane sub-forum here. Lol.
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    For Sale Bucker 131 Jungman project for sale

    Thanks! couldn't find the forum though.
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    For Sale VEDENEYEV M-14P RUSSIAN RADIAL removed from Yak-52

    Running when pulled from Yak-52, with accessories. $15,000 obo Thanks Atlanta, GA cbbur@earthlink.net
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    For Sale Russian V530 removed from Yak-52

    Acquired from prop shop that changed hands. First prop's blades have been refinished. Second prop in as removed condition. Yak, M-14p, Pitts Model 12, homebuilts... $4k and $3k obo, Atlanta, GA thanks cbbur@earthlink.net
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    For Sale Bucker 131 Jungman project for sale

    Spanish crate CASA built. Fuselage cleaned and primed, Christian wobble pump, 150 Tigre $45,000 obo Jackson, MS USA cbbur@earthlink.net
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    Messersnipe PT 101

    Someone found it on the EAA site, (what a great organization to provide their archive); http://spirit.eaa.org/apps/magazines/eaa_articles/1970_05_20.pdf Raoul was interviewed for a local TV station after the rebuild. We have the raw footage on VHS, and I'll have to go back and review it...
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    Messersnipe PT 101

    Found there was an article about the airplane in the May 1970 issue of Sport Aviation, page 47, titled, 'Messier's Snipe PT101'. If anybody could scan that in and include it here, it'd help for completeness.
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    Messersnipe PT 101

    The plane's been in our family since shortly after the crash. The story that's been handed down is that the builder, Raoul Messier, was stationed in the Philippines with the US Navy, before the outbreak of WWII. Him and a friend, Col Jimmie Lambert, saw the war coming, and decided that the...
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    aircraft design

    Start small and get some RC'er's interested in helping you. If you can excite them, buy the materials and they'd do it for it free. If not, find some kids, maybe at the RC fields, that are into balsa type models, and they'd jump on it just for the fun and the act of building something different.
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