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    Taildragger with steerable main wheels.

    I have thought for a long time that a taildragger with steerable main wheels should not have ground loop tendencies and should be very easy for crosswind landings as it could actually touch down crabbing with no need to kick it straight just prior touchdown. It would need a tiller to maintain...
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    Close coupled tails.

    I have wondered for some time why so many of us like long coupled canards when close coupled canards actually increase the lift on the wing by probable 'slot' effect, as well as the circulation of both airfoils probably benefiting each other, while long coupled canards decrease the lift by...
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    BALSA wood aircraft?

    Hello All, The fact that Balsa trees grow so fast, and therefor a renewable resource, can entire aircraft be built from BALSA? Balsa wood can be had for $1.00 a board foot in my little Caribbean island, so it is cheap as no one uses it here. I guess for spars it will have to be pretty big to...
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    Big 2 stroke

    2 strokes have long been known to wear out a lot quicker than 4 strokes. What about building a long stroke 1200 cc 2 stroke instead of a small 600 2 stroke. I envision a twin cylinder, opposed cylinder firing together to make a 'twingle' using crankcase induction. Maybe a 100mm bore and 200 mm...