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    Gonna buy me a Mercury!

    Can an outboard be made to work direct drive? Would it have to be ported to produce peak power at a lower rpm?
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    Volocopter - the safest aircraft in the world

    Have not read through the thread so please pardon me if this came up before. When I first saw this rotorcraft I said 'why not 9 pairs co-axial style to give a smaller footprint and better efficiency?
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    New U/L Manufacturer

    Andy, any news on my favorite ultralight? armour
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    Coax helicopters

    does the 'headwind', for want of a better term, caused by the airflow being twisted in the opposite direction somewhat compensate for the downwash? i have read that coaxial are up to 30% more efficient...
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    Coax helicopters

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    Simplified Propeller Design

    ...i guess we are assuming engine developing less TQ at 250 rpm less...
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    Electric Controls?

    I have thought of the same thing myself. It will have to be at least double redundancy though, probably a primary servo on the control surface and a secondary on the trim tab, running on independent buses with small back up batteries for each bus.
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    For Sale WIG -Wing IN Ground- Vessel for SALE

    Any video of actual WIG?
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    what makes the NACA 23112 ideal for ground effect?
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    Aerobatic airplane and accurate flying. What makes a good acro airplane?

    not one stop light in Dominica! but we do have street lights u r right holden, a few places could be used as runways. the beaches are mostly rocky, not many sandy beaches so beaching would be difficult. did u see my big cat moored just south of roseau? look for anchorage hotel, thats me.
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    Aerobatic airplane and accurate flying. What makes a good acro airplane?

    also almost every village has a playing field, football/cricket, moving power lines and a few trees could be a start for access to many villages.
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    pretty impressive First Public Demonstrations: Terrafugia Transition Flying Car, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, WI 2013 - YouTube
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    if its legal and done regularly should be 'normal' to those accustomed to it...to the untrained eye that's another story!
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    Aerobatic airplane and accurate flying. What makes a good acro airplane?

    i need to show this video to my authorities, start sowing seeds...who knows what good it may accomplish... the problem is our roads are littered with powerlines, trees and every obstacle imaginable running very close. or maybe i should move to alaska
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    how about a weight shift design? a high mounted swing wing/oblique on a gymbal, streamlined fuse hung below with tail feathers?
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    Holden I am with you on this. I've thought about this a long time ago but always thought the wing body junction would be heavy and complex, but i guess u already solved that on sea era. i like the delta/canard combo like viggen/gripen. interestingly one of the motivations for the canard on...
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    agreed, the freewing IS impressive, i see ur point. i guess the difference is your center body stays flat and u tilt up the wings opposite to the freewing?
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    LE and TE flaps do pretty much the same thing...when TE flaps are dropped the chordline is tilted way up, drooping the LE flaps tilts the chordline way down. in fact just the simple highlander type auto slats with a nice big full span TE slotted flap could do the job with less complications.
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    Asiana SFO

    One thing I learned from, well partly, the autopilot is the 'smart' turns. For example on a hold say with an inbound of 000, left turns and I'm on a heading of 090 direct to the VOR or Fix, I can turn straight outbound bang on the outbound without having to go to the Fix and do a parallel entry...