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    Flying between different countries

    Say I take off flying from a bush strip in south Africa and intend to land on another bush strip in Mozambique, Botswana or Zimbabwe without visiting any city/airport. How do immigration formalities work in such a case? Just curious. Thanks
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    Cheapest microlight with v STOL capability

    What microlight would you recommend that can take off in shortest distance please? Long range is also ideal and I prefer one that is enclosed/has a cabin of sorts not open air. My main desire is to own a Zenith 801 four seater but have had to put that on hold due to investing in a business...
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    Zenith 801 for African high altitude flying

    High ladies and gents, newbie here I have been studying the various kits and planes out there and i think the Zenith 801 is the one for me. First off i have done just 1 flying lesson which i thoroughly enjoyed. However should i do my training with a flying school or build my plane first and then...