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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    Barnstormers, ebay, controller, tradaplane, short wing piper club
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    4130 tube quality question

    You should heat the TIG weld and area with a torch to destress the area if your picky, watching carefully as the tube heat flows and glows can show if a surface imperfection is below. If your properly picky you would weld with oxy/acetylene. I'm guessing your not building a Pitts.
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    Cygnet project available

    Cygnet project is 30 miles north of Boston, dick 508-269-4941
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    Cygnet project available

    Hey guys are there any takers for this Cygnet, it's gotta go and it's free now! dickc
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    it's all good information, but , it's Visual Flight Rules, your vision your airplane your responsibility. I've flown with quite a few that fall into mental state of feeling where FF is almost an IFR clearance
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    Lycoming IO-540 Oil Pressure Question

    Ah I see the pix of the Alt drive,ok. Further research on other forums and some life long knowledge on engines, confirmed my initial thoughts. 25 psi hot idle is ok, and most importantly not critical. If it bothers you just get a new engine from lyco. After you check the oil Temp gauge. Oil...
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    Lycoming IO-540 Oil Pressure Question

    and the gasket surfaces under the alternator and spacer
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    Lycoming IO-540 Oil Pressure Question

    have you checked your oil temp gauge? dickc
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    Cygnet project available

    Alaska? Maybe I could deliver it...
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    Cygnet project available

    Well I got some interest in the Cygnet project but no follow thru, if you emailed me please chk your spam folder. Again Hapi Cygnet for sale, fuselage all welded, wings about ready to cover all tail feathers, and landing gear. Don't have struts. $1500 or so, Rowley Massachusetts. 508-two six...
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    Cygnet project available

    Hi, all 20 sheets of plans are there,(here). I'm Dick C, from New England. I'll be getting some pix today. It's gas welded, needs a detail inspection as a few spots look like they were tacked and not finished. Workmanship is very good, Bob Welsh was the follows name, maybe he was online? dick c
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    Cygnet project available

    From estate sale, wings, fuselage ,landing gear, tail feathers, plans, Hapi Cygnet #407, unfinished nice workmanship. We're working on making sure the plans are complete and soforth. dickc
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    65 lycoming parts,

    Blocks, cranks , heads, cams, not complete engines but some good bits. $250, you pickup, email if interested, dickc911@yahoo.com, New England. sold as lot only
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    Tell us what you are building!

    Well... I can't say I'm a home builder, I spend to much time on others... I've got a J-5, a 108, 2 C150's, a Luscombe, and, and,,, I joined to get parts and projects to other builders, I want to see them fly. I have helped dissipate the collections of outers and got a bunch of parts. The...