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    Beefing up spar to increase gross weight? (wood structure)

    I have acquired a set of plans for a Druine D5 Turbi. It looks like it would be a nice, economical puttering around airplane. I’ve been thinking about what I could do to bump the gross weight limit up. I’m not an engineer, nor do I play one in the movies, but I figure the place to start is...
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    Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?

    I've been searching and trying to decide on a 2-place LSA project. In my wandering on the internet, I found the T-100D ultralight. It's a pretty cool design, and a thought popped into my noggin (which my wife would tell you can be dangerous). The T-100D is a wood airplane designed to come in...
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    Another Frankenplane Concept

    Still trying to decide on the one airplane to dedicate my limited resources to. The fundamental requirements are two seat, LSA compliant. I recently discovered the Hevle Classic, which is a 2-seat Flybaby. I really like the lines of this airplane. Living in SC, we have pretty nice weather...
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    VW 1.9L / 115 HP Diesel?

    Does anybody know anything about this? I did a little searching and didn't come up with anything (at least not in a language I can read ;) ). Of course, one of the first questions would be how much does the engine weigh. Conquest VW 1.9 Diesel 115 hp - 17.5 litros/hora - Caixa de redução by...
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    Design Software for the Amateur?

    Do any of you guys know if there is software for designing airplanes that would take into account materials used, airfoil selection, calculate CG, do stress analysis, etc.? Kind of a CAD program that would let you know if the concept/design was in the ball park feasible? Those of you who have...
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    Jeet Kun Do Aircraft Design

    Bruce Lee's martial art of Jeet Kun Do took what he considered the best of different styles and combined them. This got me thinking, and that can mean trouble. I was reading about the Liberty Sport biplane. From what I found, it was built using the fuselage, horizontal stabilizer, and...
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    Ryan STA LSA

    That's what I think would be a popular design. An LSA-compliant replica of the Ryan STA, polished and gleaming in the sun. Doing its job on not more than 100 HP. If I had the knowledge and skills, I'd take a stab at drawing up some plans. However, my vision exceeds my grasp (and education)...
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    Wood Building Reference Recommendations?

    What would you guys recommend as the definitive reference (including all media) on methods and techniques for building an airplane from wood? Looking for books and videos to make life easier if I pull the trigger on a "sustainably sourced air vehicle." ;)
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    Affordaplane Question

    I've been narrowing down choices on a possible Part 103 build, and the Affordaplane is on the short list. However, browsing around the internet I've found comments saying it's difficult to build this and make it come within Part 103 specs. One builder said it's "impossible." Do any of you...
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    J-1B Ultralight?

    I found this and thought it's a pretty good looking airplane for an ultralight. In searches I found that the plans are available from many sources. However, my quest for details, photos, and experience-based opinions didn't turn up much. Do any of you guys have info/knowledge? J1-B...
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    For Sale King Schools Pilot Training Disks

    I have some King Schools pilot training disks to sell: - Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy (DVD) - VFR Cross-Country Flying (DVD) - Night Flying (DVD) - Weather Wise (DVD) - Practical Risk Management for Weather for VFR and IFR Pilots (CD-ROM) These are $49 each / $245 for all at the King...
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    Craftsmanship and Sheer Artistry

    While not a "homebuilt" project, this frame-up restoration of a Beechcraft Staggerwing has a lot of great pictures relating to tube & fabric construction. Beechcraft Staggerwing
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    CA-65 and Celerity Questions

    I'm looking for a 2-seat design that would be good for weekend puttering around and occasional travel with the spousal unit. I've been trying to learn about a couple wood airplanes that might work. The Cvjetkovic CA-65 looks like a decent bang-for-the-buck airplane. There is a wide fuselage...
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    Unsolicited Advice - Dreams and Regrets...

    Today I received a DVD in the mail from the EAA. I joined just a couple months ago. I opened the mailer and read an enclosed note explaining that the disk had a video about Airventure in Oshkosh. I excitedly turned on the TV and popped the disk into the player. The images and sounds coming...
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    Zenith 601 Sliding Canopy Feasibility?

    How practical would it be to cut and modify a Zenith 601 canopy from tip-up to a slider like on RVs?
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    Wood Durability?

    This is a spinoff topic from a couple other threads. Hangar space here is at a premium. There are long waiting lists to get in. Thus, there is a distinct possibility that after I commit thousands of hours of labor, blood, and tears into a project I may have to park it outdoors. (No, my lip...
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    CH701 Sans Slats?

    I've been looking into the CH701 and came across this site: www.stolspeed.com . Have any of you seen the mod of removing the slats from the 701 wings and installing vortex generators? According to the above site, results included improved: - Cruise speed - Top speed - Fuel efficiency - Low...
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    Modern Fabric Exposure to the Elements Question

    How do modern fabric coverings hold up to exposure to weather? I remember a couple Champs at a local grass strip airport back when I was a kid in the 70s. This was in northern PA and these airplanes were tied down outside year round. They seemed to fare alright. Around here there are...
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    Narrowing the Choices, Shortening the List...

    Part of my Plan is to have my wife on board as I take on a homebuilding project. The two of us can share the building experience, then enjoy the flying together afterward. Last night I went over the various aircraft I was considering. The idea is to get something we agree on. After...
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    Hangar Crisis?

    As I'm narrowing down my choices for a homebuilding project, I'm also thinking ahead to after the project is completed. One thing I've discovered locally is that hangar space is at a premium. There are waiting lists to get in a hangar at local airports. The closest airport charges $350/month...