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    Firewallon Ridge Runner 3 or other clones

    I have been reading over other posts regarding firewalls and still have not found the answer to my situation. We are building the Ridge Runner 3 (worse documented kit I have ever seen). The manual is worthless and we are getting ready to install the firewall. However, the manual says "nothing"...
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    Any RMW Ridge Runner 3 builders/owners on this site?

    Hi, I have not posted much here but have been reading quite a lot of posts. Since the demise of Yahoo groups, it has been difficult to find other builders on the web. I hope ther are some of us RR3 builders here on Home Built Airplanes. My brother in-law and I are getting close to completion on...
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    Mini Flap Sander ...

    Just wanted to share with you all a solution I found for the rework of my Ridge Runner 3 wings. The kit was purchased from the original builder after he lost his medical. He had only just started the kit and had begun work on the wings when he was given the bad news. The work he had completed...
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    Forward Spar question

    Somewhere in the forum I read where it was important not to ding the tubular spars. After setting up the shop area and beginning to repair the work performed by the original owner of the kit on the rib attachments to the spars, I noticed a ding that appeared to have been buffed out. We did not...
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    Ridge Runner 3 kit Wing Ribs Problem

    Hi, New to the forum here. Just purchased a RMW Ridge Runner 3 kit. The kit was origonaly purchased by a gentleman who lost his medical back in april He sold it to a another gentleman who changed his mind about what he wanted to build. The kit came with the quickbuild wing option from RMW...