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    spend some time learning to fly, it'll help to give you a good feeling for what sort of plane and flying you want to do. Learning to fly an ultralight in australia is pretty cheap. If you havn't already join up with RA-Aus, who are the governing body for ultralights in aus. Keep an eye on the...
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    Hummel Bird empty weights

    Have a look at skeet's hummelbird. He used a 2 stroke engine in his. I believe a longer engine mount was involved.
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    Minimum Horsepower

    Cruise for the DA-11 was more like 125mph. no idea what the climb rate was like.
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    Electrical Engineer help needed...

    mccdhash can you post the part number for the LED displays you were intending to use? or a link would be good. You clearly have something specific in mind, and we would need that if we are going to do a schematic and pcb layout.
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    Electrical Engineer help needed...

    the microcontrollers are suprisingly cheap. the atmega328 i suggested above comes in at around $4.10 per unit if your buying less than 25. the 50 the OP wants would cost him $128.88 based on digikey pricing. I'm not that sure about equivelent PIC chips, but at a rough glance your looking at...
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    Electrical Engineer help needed...

    I'll be happy to contribute, but I know bugger all about how retracts function in reality. If somebody can enlighten me as to how the positions of the landing gear are monitored/detected that would help a lot. Does anybody object to using a microcontroller for this? Its probably overkill...
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    Electrical Engineer help needed...

    What you want seems realtively straight forward and easy. If you are looking to have this designed to be sold as a commercial unit I'd recommend hiring an electronics engineer to develop it for you. There are a number around who would do the job, even some who have a great deal of experience...
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    any safe sleek looking u/l?

    righhht. never claimed to be. One of things about this forum is there is quite a lot of useful advice floating around, which people tend to find useful. By posting stuff like you did it tends to give impressionable newbie types (like me) the impression that you know what your talking about...
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    Cheepest intercom system?

    If your installing a radio then quite a few come with a built in intercom these days. I'd be inclined to use a LM386 as well, but combining both mic inputs with a simple resistive mixer and sharing the output. That way you can just use standard aircraft headsets and talk. Check out some of Jim...
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    metal ultralights?

    I'm pretty sure the bk1 wont make the weight limit - not with the full VW engine anyway.
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    Aviation apps for Android

    OruxMaps is worth checking out. Useful for inflight moving map style gps.
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    What is a good two seater without spending big$ ?

    I think you'll find the backyard flyer does actually come in a 2 place variant. might be worth having another look. This shot: certainly looks like 2 seats to me.
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    Radio Antenna and Ground Plane

    If your planning on designing and building your own the ARRL handbook would be a good thing to read/refer to. If its a transponder antenna you want check this out.
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    open source liability

    I'm not at all familiar with the us legal system, but wouldn't a disclaimer along the lines of: Representations, Warranties and Disclaimer. ALL MATERIAL IS OFFERED AS-IS. NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND ARE MADE CONCERNING THE MATERIALS, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE...
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    documentation photographs ??

    if you still have the physical disk the data can probably be recovered. Unless you've gone and re-installed the operating system on it and you've been using it for a while.
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    Cheap aircraft are simply impossible? :(

    I had a read through this thread this afternoon and one thing I noticed was a lot of mentions of the jabiru engine as a cheap alternative to other more expensive brands. If your willing to sacrifice a bit of weight and performance the 80hp AeroVee engine (AeroConversions Products -- Power to...
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    suggestions wanted

    People don't care enough about you or your problem to use the search/history functions to go looking for obscure references to your requirements. If you want people to do the research then make it easy for them - post a link to the old thread. I have no idea what range the UAV's can provide...
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    suggestions wanted

    Thats really quite amusing. How many cattle are you losing to the big cats etc that are eating the fabric covered planes your worried about? how many cattle do you need to rescue from thieves to make back the cost of running the aircraft (fuel, maintenance etc) and the cost of the pilots...
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    Don't forget your duct tape....

    100mph isn't it?
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    Welded aluminum wings?

    There was a australian homebuilt plane designed around 5052 I believe. The Lil' Tinny I think it was called (Tinny being a slang name for a can of beer). http://www.wattsbridge.com.au/pdfs/qua_oct2006.pdf has some pictures. The guy built 2 aircraft for roughly the same cost as a two seater...