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    Spray can mold release - silicone or non-silicone?

    I've got the opportunity to buy some spray can mold release at a really good price (business closing down) - I'm struggling to find any information on it though other than that it is a non-silicone mold release. Would that be suitable for composites or ?
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    Best ambient air conditions for a carbon fibre work room?

    I've got some dead space at the back of the factory that I'm turning into a pair of rooms for carbon fibre and similar work - one room will be for cutting foam sheet to size/shape and various other workshop things, the other room will be for doing layups etc (having the two rooms will hopefully...
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    Question for BoKu

    Hi BoKu, Did any of these fabrics look like the one you mentioned that you are using in your glider cockpits? A B C
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    Not quite so structural foams?

    To get started and learn/practice carbon fibre layups etc I'm going to make a new centre console for my boat. It probably doesn't need the "structural" foams that are used in homebuilt aircraft, and because I'm only going to need a couple of sheets and road transport for sheets is very...
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    Composite supplier with a wide range

    Came across these guys on the www - they certainly have the widest range of cloths and other composite products of any company that I have come across - https://compositeenvisions.com/ Has anyone dealt with them?
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    Composites advice needed

    Not aircraft related, but help still needed. We need to lighten the weight of a large aluminium workboat that has a 18mm marine ply floor that is 9.72 kg per square metre. One of the ways that we have identified to reduce weight is to replace the marine ply floor with composite panels we make...
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    DIY Prepreg?

    Has anyone here made their own prepreg carbon fiber? Either for immediate use or store and use later? Asking because when incorporating honeycombs into a layup it seems like using prepreg is the most time efficient way to do a layup. There are some snippets of information on the www about...
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    Building more crash-worthy composite planes and cockpits

    Thought that I would start a new thread about how to build more crashworthy cockpits to try to bring this information together in one thread as it is currently split across threads about foam, threads about cloth and a few others. BoKu you mentioned that hybrid fabric that you used to be able...
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    Is carbon fiber / kevlar fabric of any benefit?

    Was just wondering if anyone can see any benefits to using the carbon fiber / kevlar hybrid fabric in the construction of a composite plane? I know that adding kevlar adds impact resistance but will it add sufficient impact resistance to make a difference to your survival if you crash? Kind of...
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    Simple thrust testing rigs?

    If you have an engine + propellor on a simple trolley is there a simple rig that can be built/used to measure generated thrust?
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    Adjustable rudder pedals?

    Has anyone fitted (or found) a set of adjustable rudder pedals that operate the rudders with cables? (I couldn't find a section for flight controls so this area seemed like the next best option - mods feel free to move it if you know of a better place).
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    Mazda Rotary - what are the issues to be overcome?

    I'm fortunate that I've got access to one of the best Mazda Rotary engine builders on the planet, and we have been discussing the development of an engine package specifically built for homebuilt aircraft. But it seems like there is a lot of jungle drums and whispers stuff out there about...
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    Using PVC in a fuselage

    Does anyone have any thoughts on using PVC as a skin material instead of composites?
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    Torsional Vibration on a long shaft?

    In the case of a ducted fan engine setup that I am working on I have the room/need to put a shaft between the output of the engine and the fan. Would putting two flexible couplings on the shaft help with the torsional vibration and other rotary problems?
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    A possible different approach?

    A thought occurred to me - it probably couldn't be done but if I don't ask... Instead of using a PRSU and all of the problems associated with that, could the gears in the rotor and on the eccentric shaft be changed to ones that result in the eccentric shaft rotating slower so that a PSRU isn't...
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    Does anyone know of a 2.4/1 PSRU?

    I need a 2.4/1 PSRU that will safely/reliably handle 650-700 hp from a rotary for a plane I am building that will eventually be available in kit form. Does anyone know of such a PSRU that is available?