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    Another Ultralight-ish High Wing Idea

    The recent threads about an improved A-Plane, The Ranger, "sit-on-top" planes, etc. got me thinking about what I would like in a similar, basic, ultralight-ish machine. Though I like the ideas discussed, I would like something with fewer, well, parts I guess. I would like something with fewer...
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    For Sale Evans VP1 Volksplane

    Selling my VP1. The primary structure is complete except the fuselage bottom must be closed. Nearly all of the expensive, aircraft quality hardware is installed. There is enough Ceconite to finish covering the airplane. Struts and rollover bar are included. The plans and manual are also...
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    Weight of EFI

    Electronic fuel injection versus carburetion—there are innumerable arguments concluding one or the other is the “best” way to go for an aero engine. But one argument I’ve not seen is one comparing the weight of the two types. Any opinions? The reason I ask is because I’m converting a V6 from...
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    Meyers 200 Structure

    Anybody have any complaints/comments/praise for the Meyers 200 structure? Particularly the steel center spar? A quick look on the web returns how sturdy and efficient the structure is—nothing negative. I’m wondering how the spar was built. Welding trusses with very short members as is found...
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    ARA-D Airfoils

    Does anyone have an analytic or numeric description of the ARA-D prop airfoils? Something that I could use to generate and study the airfoils either by hand or program? I can’t find anything on the internet other than sets of ordinates. Also, I’m getting no help from the paranoid politicians...
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    Lycoming Main Bearing Dimensions

    A couple questions: What are the nominal standard dimensions of these Lycoming main bearings—width and thickness or OD and ID. I really need the width so I can check the loads this size bearing can sustain. The bearings I’m interested in are marked number 7 in the drawing. The part number...
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    Cooling Exhaust Fouling Pusher Prop

    How bad would leading edge radiators foul the rear prop on a push/pull tandem arrangement? Would downwash over the wing keep the hot, low-density air out of the prop? Or would the rear prop draw this messy air back up through the arc of the propellor? If the messy air does go through the prop...
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    For Sale Harmon Rocket 2 Plans

    I have an unused set of plans for a Harmon Rocket 2 for sale. There are 15 sheets 24X36 inches plus an additional half-scale fuse drawing 24X52 inches. I bought these plans a few years ago for educational purposes and no longer need them. I still have the original shipping box from Harmon...
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    Rat Hawk Revisited

    Been working on the Rat Hawk design some more. The model needs a couple more days work. I think I might actually build this. It is the most interesting, cheapest, and easiest aluminum design I have come up with to fly an inverted motor. I will start with a SBC. I’m thinking it would do well...
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    Interesting Bf109

    Found this picture tonight: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-RdZg2LYZHuo/TmMP8b4E5gI/AAAAAAAAHFc/Ch81NOGfQs8/s1600/german-plane-shot-down-in-stalingrad.jpg It looks like a Bf-109E fuse mated to F or later wings. The fuse has struts on the H stab and also straight upper longerons forward of the...
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    Wing Attach Brackets

    I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to bolt a one-piece aluminum center wing section to a fuse. These are the brackets I’ve come up with. They are shaped to keep the wing attach bolts on the centroid of the spars and aligned along a common longitudinal axis. Does anyone have any...
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    Twin Fuse Race Plane

    I drew this as sort of a joke. Unfortunately, now I am starting to like it. I often dream about building a racing plane and this thing seems like a good configuration for racing. Since I know nothing about twins or this configuration, I really have no idea if it would be fast. It certainly looks...
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    Slipper Rods

    I’m pretty sure this technology hasn’t been seen since WW1, but does anybody have any good pictures/drawings of slipper rods as used in Lerhone rotaries or any radial engines? I’m fiddling around with an X configuration engine design and would like to investigate slipper rods. Any information...
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    Metal RF4D

    Since topspeed100 introduced me to the RF4D I can’t stop sort of seriously considering drawing up a metal version. The design has kind of gotten under my skin a little bit. But there is a problem (for me anyway). The plane uses the 230XX airfoil with 3.5 degrees of washout. For all you airfoil...
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    New Guy

    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading your forum for a couple years now. It’s a pretty good place—knowledgeable, nice people. I’ve learned a lot from your discussions. This is what I am building: It’s pretty conventional compared to many of the designs I have seen here. Still, I thought you...