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    Beefing up spar to increase gross weight? (wood structure)

    And that's why dilettantes like me appreciate websites like this. ;)
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    Beefing up spar to increase gross weight? (wood structure)

    I have acquired a set of plans for a Druine D5 Turbi. It looks like it would be a nice, economical puttering around airplane. I’ve been thinking about what I could do to bump the gross weight limit up. I’m not an engineer, nor do I play one in the movies, but I figure the place to start is...
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    I Have A Dream - Tandem seat, Low Wing, Single Engine, All Aluminum

    RJW, that is a clean, classic looking flying machine. Anything happening with it? Projected specs?
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    The "Don't turn back" thing:

    This video tells me, "If at all possible, continue ahead." Caution: This is pretty graphic. A horrible incident. Tragic Airplane Accident - Biplane Loses Power on T.O. - YouTube
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    I Have A Dream - Tandem seat, Low Wing, Single Engine, All Aluminum

    I've been pining about the need for someone to design an LSA-compliant replica of the Ryan STA. Still waiting...
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    The Zero Displacement Engine

    I don't know...
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    The Zero Displacement Engine

    I thought this was the sequel to Nick Cooke's "The Hunt For Zero Point." (Actually, a pretty good read)
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    Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?

    That ION is a slick airplane! Doesn't look like it's available yet. The website said they're not even taking deposits yet because they are still developing/testing. I'm having to go with a plans-built project, because I have more time than money. If someone with the skills/knowledge took this...
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    Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?

    I've been searching and trying to decide on a 2-place LSA project. In my wandering on the internet, I found the T-100D ultralight. It's a pretty cool design, and a thought popped into my noggin (which my wife would tell you can be dangerous). The T-100D is a wood airplane designed to come in...
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    Use of certified parts for homebuilts...

    There was the Javelin V6 STOL. It converted a Tripacer to taildragger, used a Ford V-6 engine, and I don't recall what other mods there were. Haven't heard much about it.
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    The writings of Jon

    Re: My Childhood Airport. The Blue Swan Airport, Sayre, PA. It was a grass strip with a couple of hangars. My dad was a Private Pilot and took me there often. In my early teens I started washing airplanes to get rides. The airplane I spent the most time in was an old Aeronca L-16. That...
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    Another Frankenplane Concept

    Still trying to decide on the one airplane to dedicate my limited resources to. The fundamental requirements are two seat, LSA compliant. I recently discovered the Hevle Classic, which is a 2-seat Flybaby. I really like the lines of this airplane. Living in SC, we have pretty nice weather...
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    homebuilt twins

    Lindbergh did it on one with more primitive technology. ;)
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    CH 650 Question

    If anyone with 601/650 experience can offer input: I live near Charleston, SC. When I look at the canopy I see a big solar collector. Seems like it would be hot in the cockpit in the summer.
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    VW 1.9L / 115 HP Diesel?

    Does anybody know anything about this? I did a little searching and didn't come up with anything (at least not in a language I can read ;) ). Of course, one of the first questions would be how much does the engine weigh. Conquest VW 1.9 Diesel 115 hp - 17.5 litros/hora - Caixa de redução by...
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    Design Software for the Amateur?

    Do any of you guys know if there is software for designing airplanes that would take into account materials used, airfoil selection, calculate CG, do stress analysis, etc.? Kind of a CAD program that would let you know if the concept/design was in the ball park feasible? Those of you who have...
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    Jeet Kun Do Aircraft Design

    I see what you're saying, Bruce. I'm looking at plans-built designs that are LSA legal and suitable for light travelling, high wing preferred. Slim pickings.
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    Jeet Kun Do Aircraft Design

    Bruce Lee's martial art of Jeet Kun Do took what he considered the best of different styles and combined them. This got me thinking, and that can mean trouble. I was reading about the Liberty Sport biplane. From what I found, it was built using the fuselage, horizontal stabilizer, and...
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    High Wing LSA Design Suggestion?

    Shiny! I was talking online with some 701/750 guys and they essentially said these airplanes are a one trick pony - they do STOL amazingly well. However, if you are looking to do some travelling they are much less than ideal. I had a thought of a "speed wing" option for those who like the...
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    PGK-1 Hirondelle ?

    I found this video on YouTube. Looks like the airplane has great visibility. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTJ3Rj0Jloo