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    Sampling Light Aircraft Crashes

    Since that's only 12 aircraft, I'd just look at the individual NTSB reports on each accident for that type of information. They're linked on the actual database results page, it's the second column. The "good data" on this particular topic is trivially easy to get. Not sure which 14 months you...
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    How many airplanes do we need?

    I disagree with this claim. I currently have zero planes and need at least 5 more. I need a cheap to fly local plane (working on this), a backwoods STOL plane, a glider, an aerobatics plane, and a fast cross country plane. Once I have 5, there's a chance this number would go down, but I'm...
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    Setting wing Incidence

    Since the airfoil on the Baby Ace is the Clark Y, I would guess the airfoil that is replacing it is the 30GA613.5, as that's the replacement suggested for the Clark Y in the Riblett book. The 13.5 at the end is thickness percentage, it may be a different thickness. That's just a guess, though. I...
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    Legal question about copyright

    Piper cancelled the "Cub" trademark in 1986, and the "Super Cub" trademark expired in 1997. Wag Aero did just about every single thing that could make Piper go after them, from ripping off their bear logo, to calling the plane CUBy ( the "Y" was much smaller), to selling data plates that said...
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    You thought amateur drones were dangerous, what about the jetpacks?

    And it happened again, this time 7 miles NW of LAX: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/another-jetpack-reported-thousands-feet-above-los-angeles-n1243487
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    IPad/ Foreflight

    FYI, I think the original poster concern was that the wi-fi only version of the iPad mini does not have internal GPS, only the cellular model does. I find it completely bizarre that this is the case, but I'm not an Apple guy.
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    Diamond shows off new Continental Diesel DA 50-RG

    I compare base prices because it is nearly impossible to find two identically equipped planes to compare. The base models have similar equipment, the options aren't going to be significantly different in price between the two manufacturers, so it's the only sane number to use when comparing the...
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    Diamond shows off new Continental Diesel DA 50-RG

    They still sell the DA-42VI, along with the DA-62. It is a huge stretch to think they'll price it higher than the DA-42VI.
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    Diamond shows off new Continental Diesel DA 50-RG

    They've never had offered the DA-50 for sale, ever, they've only built 2 prototypes, one in 2007, and the RG last year. Not sure where you got those prices from, but they're not for a DA-50. I found a base price for a 2020 DA-40NG, $473,000. The twin engine, retractable gear, 197kt cruise...
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    Diamond shows off new Continental Diesel DA 50-RG

    It really depends on price, which hasn't been announced. The SR-22T has a base price close to the DA-42 twin engine, it's likely that the DA-50 RG will be significantly cheaper than the SR-22T. Cheaper fuel burn might not make up for the lower cruise speed, but a $100K-200K lower price might.
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    Strengthening & Saving EAA Chapters and Investing in the Future: Making the Case

    I currently fly from a towered Class D airport that does not do this, and have not heard of anything like this at the other class D towered airports I've visited.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Looking at some of the aircraft in this thread reminds me of the phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and also that some of you need to get a hold of some different bees.
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    Is Zero motorcycle still about the best option?

    Tesla's claim is a 16% increase in range on their cars with a 14% reduction in battery cost. While this sounds like it implies a 16% reduction in battery density, it is unknown if the comparison is between the same dimension battery pack, or the same weight battery pack. And I think they are...
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    Fisher Flying Products to spin off company offering electric propulsion system for the light plane market, starting at $10,000 for 25kW

    I did not interpret the video that way. However, let's assume you're right, but I'm also going to drop the absurdly optimistic scenario I used above. So we'll use the correct cruise 65% of max power that Fisher recommends for it's gasoline engines, and let's use 800 ft/min climb rate, the...
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    Fisher Flying Products to spin off company offering electric propulsion system for the light plane market, starting at $10,000 for 25kW

    20kW for 2 minutes takeoff and climb uses 0.67kWh, leaving 5 kWh, rounded up. A 43 minute flight after that would require a cruise power of 7kW (9 hp), or 35% throttle. Note that this calculation is unreasonably optimistic towards the electric system, never using peak power, a very short...
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    Power to weight ratio of fuel cells

    50kg (110lbs) for a 75 kW (100hp) power source doesn't seem too heavy to me. If you add a 25 kg(55lb) electric motor*, it's the same installed weight of a 100hp Rotax 912ULS package (including the alternator and everything needed to run the engine) at 75 kg (165 lbs). * - I don't have time to...
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    Fisher Flying Products Announces New Electric Propulsion Systems

    Since there are no actual pictures of the GosHawk with landing gear on it, it doesn't seem like they're done building the first one. Also, their performance chart states the battery is 11.4 kWh, but the numbers in the energy used column add up to 12.1 kWh - 2.5kWh climb, 7.5kWh cruise, 2.1kWh...
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    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    I am almost 3 years into scratch building a Hummelbird with modifications - I changed the airfoil to a Riblett 30GA613.5, added leading edge wing tanks, and modified various minor bits. I still have to assemble the left outer wing and build the entire firewall forward, but I've already rebuilt...
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    Fisher Flying Products Announces New Electric Propulsion Systems

    You've completely missed the point of everything I've said. I have said , at least twice in this thread, that there are niche applications that are practical and should be supported. Repeated promotion of unrealistic projects will burn enough investors to poison the well, and will slow...
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    Fisher Flying Products Announces New Electric Propulsion Systems

    Perhaps you should read more closely, I reduced the energy of gasoline as if it were burned through an extremely inefficient engine, while ignoring the losses of the electric motor to make the comparison as favorable for the electric as possible, and the numbers still don't work: If you'd like...